Planning and Inspections


The Subdivision section of Planning and Inspections is responsible for the review of projects that include land divisions, right-of-way vacations/dedications, easement vacations/dedications, addressing, and street name changes. Subdivision review regulates the division of land to ensure compliance with applicable state and City of El Paso laws and regulations and ensures that development is orderly, efficient and coordinated within City limits and within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. 

Link to Draft Storm Water Design Manual

Link to Draft Design Standards for Street Design Manual


*Not applicable on easement vacation application


Application Process

  1.   Platting determination
  2.   Five-day
  3.   Preliminary plat
  4.   Final plat
  5.   Plat application approval/denial
  6.   Installation of Subdivision Improvements
  7.   Pre-cloth/Pre-mylar
  8.   Recording documents
  9.   Recording fee and park fee
  10.   Recorded documents submittal
  11.   Certificate of compliance issuance


5-Day Process

* Submit 9 sets of plat and completed subdivision application form (signature not necessary)


Public ROW/Easement Vacation Process

*Not applicable on easement vacation application



For more information on the different types of Subdivision development reviews, contact the “One Stop Shop” at (915) 212-0104 or contact 311. 


What is a plat?

A plat (also called a subdivision) is a map or plan that represents a tract of land, showing the boundaries and location of individual properties, streets, easements and other pertinent information. After a plat is approved, either administratively or by the City Plan Commission, it is filed with the County Clerk and becomes a legal subdivision of record.

Can I obtain a building permit for a property that is not platted?

No permit shall be issued for any development on a property until a subdivision has been approved, unless you meet one of the exceptions listed under Section 19.01.10.C.2 (Authority, purpose and applicability) of the El Paso Municipal Code. 

I want to sell a portion of my platted lot. Can I do it on my own without having to replat?

A replat is usually required, unless you apply for and receive a platting exemption determination in accordance with Sections 19.37.100 (Exemption determination) and 19.01.030 (Exemptions) of the El Paso Municipal Code.

If I need to plat or replat my property, can I do it myself or do I need to hire a professional?

Hire a professional. A plat must be signed and sealed by a Registered Surveyor or Engineer in the State of Texas.

Am I required to comply with the rules and regulations of the City of El Paso, if my property is located outside of El Paso City limits?

If your property lies within the City of El Paso’s Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), which is land surrounding the city, subdivision regulation do apply. Visit ( if you would like to verify whether a property lies within the City of El Paso’s ETJ.

If I need to plat or replat my property, can I do it myself or do I need to hire a professional?

Hire a professional. A plat must be signed and sealed by a Registered Surveyor or Engineer in the State of Texas.

How long does it take for a plat to be reviewed and approved?

The review period for most plats is 30 days with the exception of amending plats. The review period for an amending plat is 10 days.

Who approves a plat?

Most plats are approved by the City Plan Commission (CPC) at one of their scheduled bi-weekly meetings. Amending plats and minor plats are approved administratively.

Do I have to attend and/or speak at the City Plan Commission meeting?

The owner or owner’s representative is required to attend the meeting in order to ensure that they agree with staff’s comments/recommendations and to answer any questions the Commission may have regarding their application.

My plat has been approved. Can I apply for a building permit?

Not until your final plat has been filed with the County Clerk, unless you meet the criteria specified under Section 19.08.020.C.2 (Timing of public improvements, permit issuance).

My final plat has been approved. How long do I have before I am required to file the plat at the County Clerk?

You have two years to file the plat if you submitted a minor plat application and three years for all other plat applications;
 unless your application is extended in accordance with Chapter 19.41 (Expiration, Extension and Reinstatement).