Office of Management & Budget

OMB develops and administers the budget process for planning, decision-making, and managing control of City resources for the Mayor, City Council, department heads, and the public.

About OMB

Goal 6.6 of the City's Strategic Plan: Ensure continued financial stability and accountability through sound financial management, budgeting, and reporting.

OMB continually analyzes the revenues, appropriations, expenses, and encumbrances of all departments to develop clear financial reporting mechanisms for the status of resources. Resources are used as management tools for city officials in the City’s ongoing effort to provide the public with effective, efficient, and responsive municipal services.


The OMB staff develops the City’s annual operating, debt service, and capital acquisition budgets within legal and prudent fiscal management requirements. They monitor expenditures throughout the fiscal year to ensure that all City departments remain within budget allocations and prepare monthly financial reports of the City’s comprehensive budgetary status.

The department also administers the compilation of the citizen survey which is conducted approximately every two years and is used to provide input to the Mayor, Council, and Senior Management in directing resources and providing feedback regarding the delivery of city services.

Budget in Brief FY 22-23

Key Points

  • Tax Rate decrease to minimize the impact on taxpayers
  • Focus on Public Safety, Streets, and Workforce
  • Includes increases due to inflation and contractual obligations


  • Four police and fire academies to increase staffing, and fire academies to increase staffing. plus $7 million for police cars, fire trucks, and ambulance replacements
  • Continue $10 million street resurfacing program, traffic safety program, NTMP, and street striping and light program.
  • Increases minimum wage by 9% over two phases, City paying increases in employee healthcare costs, plus new/improved incentives
  • Includes operating costs for bond projects: Children's Museum, MACC, and Penguin Exhibit

Notice Of Intent for COs

Certificates of obligation (COs), fund public works without voter approval to finance projects quickly, such as reconstruction after a disaster or as a response to a court decision requiring capital.

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Budget Policies

Fiscal policies that the City uses to set standards of sound budgetary practices & guidelines. These policies are in place to ensure that the City is responsibly meeting all of its goals.

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