Community & Human Development

The HUD 50th year Draft Annual Action Plan is being made available beginning May 7, 2024 for review HERE.
Written comments should be submitted to DCHD by email at [email protected], no later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Our responsibility is to serve as the catalyst for community partnerships, collaboration + change ensuring equity, resilience + sustainability for the most vulnerable El Pasoans by giving voice to the underrepresented, supporting a strong system of human services & investing in El Paso homes, families + neighborhoods.

The Department of Community and Human Development manages a wide range of programs and services to assist the city's most vulnerable residents and strengthen its communities. Ranging from managing the annual funds designated towards mitigating homelessness, supporting family + household stability, providing aid to our low-income residents seeking their first home, organizing and engaging senior volunteer initiatives, implementing projects that enhance sustainability and resilience across the city, and others make up our services that are rooted under our 3 core pillars; Civic Empowerment, Human Services, and Neighborhood Development.

Civic Empowerment

The Civic Empowerment team’s primary objective is to advance equity and improve community outcomes through equitable programming, volunteerism, and education designed to empower residents and strengthen their relationship with local government.

Human Services

Human Services, alongside community partners, aims to maximize outcomes that address critical needs in our community through support services, homelessness mitigation, case management, mental health services, physical recreation, and educational opportunities.

Neighborhood Development

Neighborhood Development coordinates programs for the physical improvement of our community. We invest in both public and non-profit facility improvements, as well as housing rehabilitation programs for homeowners, and the development of affordable housing throughout our community.