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City Issued Licenses

Welcome to the City of El Paso's Business Licensing Center, a program administered by the One-Stop Shop where most City business licenses are issued. For your convenience, we are currently working to make our licensing processes available online through the Citizen Access Portal. Please visit our website periodically for updates.

City Issued Licenses

Security Alarm License

City of El Paso residents and businesses wishing to operate a security alarm must obtain a City-issued security alarm license and pay the established fee. The permit application may be filled out online via the links below or from your alarm company. The Procedures & Policies below outline the requirements to submit the Security Alarm License application. 

A valid City license must be issued for an alarm site before a police officer or other law enforcement personnel may respond to an alarm notification unless the notification is: a holdup alarm; a panic alarm; or reported to 911 emergency telephone number or the police department by any person with specific information indicating there is possible criminal activity taking place at the alarm site.

See the official definitions and regulations of the Chapter 5.13 Security Alarm Systems in the City of El Paso Code of Ordinances.


Procedures & Policies

Alcohol License

City of El Paso businesses wishing to manufacture, distill, brew, sell, import, export, transport, distribute, possess, warehouse, store, bottle, rectify, blend, treat, fortify, mix, or process alcoholic beverages must obtain a City-issued alcohol license in addition to complying with all applicable requirements of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code requires certification by the City that the sale, storage, or handling of alcoholic beverages at a certain business location is authorized by the City ordinance. This is done by a City permit official who conducts an investigation and inspection to determine if the business location is in an area that does not prohibit the sale, storage, or handling of alcoholic beverages.

See business license and permit regulations in Chapter 5.02 Alcoholic Beverages and/or supplemental use regulation in Chapter 20.10.060 Alcoholic Beverages in the City of El Paso Code of Ordinances.


Procedures & Policies

Tattoo & Body Artist License/Registration

An artist license is required for any artist that performs tattooing or the application of body art, such as body piercing or any other permanent modification of the human body and at a studio that has obtained a current, valid studio registration from the City of El Paso. Licenses are valid for one year and applications for renewal must to be submitted no more 60 days and no less than 30 days prior to the expiration.

A studio owner seeking to perform tattooing and/or the application of body art, such as body piercing or any other permanent modification of the human body is required to register their business with the City of El Paso. The term of a registration will coincide with the studio's tattoo or body piercing license issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The business location must meet the established zoning guidelines and a current, valid certificate of occupancy for the studio is required. Tattoo studios are subject to inspections by code enforcement officers in accordance to Chapter 5.10, Article IV Enforcement and Fees


Procedures & Policies