Deputy City Manager

Dionne Mack

Dionne MackDionne Mack was appointed El Paso’s first African American Deputy City Manager on July 17, 2017. Ms. Mack has spent more than twenty years in public sector service. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, she currently oversees the Animal Services, Fire Department, Municipal Courts, Police Department, and Public Health Department. Ms. Mack’s role with the City also included serving as Managing Director, Public Libraries/Parks and Recreation, Interim Director of Quality of Life Departments, Interim Director of Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, and Director, Public Libraries and Special Projects.

Ms. Mack began her professional career at Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) in 1996 as a librarian at BPL’s Crown Heights branch. In 2007, she became the first African-American to become the head of a major public library system in New York State. As executive director of the Brooklyn Public Library, Ms. Mack oversaw BPL’s 60 libraries serving the 2.5 million people of Brooklyn. Prior to her appointment, she led the library system as interim executive director and chief of staff.