Planning & Inspections

Telecommunication Facilities On Right-of-Way

The City of El Paso regulates telecommunication facilities in the ROW in Chapter 15.10 of the Municipal Code and provides additional information on the application process, fees, insurance and more.


Application Process

Before submitting an application, the Network Provider must submit all required documentation, such as:

  • Insurance and bonds.
  • Master License Agreement, if collocating on a municipally-owned pole. This agreement will be executed two weeks after the provider's signature is provided.

Application Steps:

  1. Application Submittal — Submit through the Citizen Access Portal. Non-refundable application fee is due at the time of application submittal. For collocation purposes, MLA must be executed as a precondition of application submittal.

  2. Completeness Check — The City must review applications for completeness and notify the applicant for its determination within; 10 days for a transport facility; 30 days for network node or new node support pole.

  3. Review Period — The City must approve/deny the permit within the following number of days, counted from when the City receives a complete application:
    - 21 days for a Transport Facility Permit
    - 60 days for a Network Node Permit
    - 150 days for a Node Support Pole Permit

  4. Small Cell Permit Insurance — Additional permits may be required after issuance.
    - Monthly pro-rated payment of annual rental rate is due prior to permit issuance
    - Provider is billed every January 1 thereafter
    - Permits expires 6 months after permit issuance if installation has not begun by that date
    - Inspections will be required during and after installation

  5. Annual Period Rate Fees — Network Nodes, Transport Facilities, and Collocation of Network Nodes on Municipal-Owned Service Poles will be subject to annual rental fees to the City. Provider is billed every January 1.


General Liability Insurance in the amount of $6,000,000 must be provided with the application. This amount breaks down to $1,000,000 plus $5,000,000 umbrella.

  • The coverage must be on an “occurrence” basis and must include coverage for personal injury, contractual liability, premises liability, medical damages, underground, explosion, and collapse hazards.
  • Each policy must include a cancellation provision in which the insurance company is required to notify the City in writing not fewer than thirty (30) days before canceling, failing to renew, or reducing policy limits.
  • The Provider shall file with the City the required original Certificate of Insurance prior to any commencement of work. The Certificate shall sate the policy number; name of insurance company; name and address of the agent or authorized representative of the insurance company; name, address, and telephone number of insured; policy expiration date; and specific coverage amounts
  • Proof of insurance must be provided prior to the effective date of any Permit issuance.
  • The City must be named as additional insured on such certificate. If ownership changes, the City must be notified.
  • All insurance must be current and up-to-date throughout the life of the permit.

Additional information can be found in Article XIII of Chapter 15.10 and Section 15.08.130(D) of the Municipal Code.

Small Cell Policy

The City may permit the installation of a new node support pole within residential districts when the following requirements below are met:

  • The street in which the new node support pole is located is classified as a collector or higher within the City's adopted thoroughfare plan.
  • The new node support pole is located on the side or rear of the residential property, except when the property is located within multi-family district and classified as a multi-family use.
  • New node support poles shall not be placed where single-family residential lots front onto the right-of-way in which are they are placed.


A Performance Bond in the amount of at least $25,000 for each multiple of five (5) attachments, prorated based on the number of attachments, must be submitted to the City up to 30 days after permit issuance. This can be emailed to [email protected].

Additional information can be found in Article XII in Chapter 15.10 of the Municipal Code.

Additional Permits

After the Small Cell Wireless Facility Permit has been reviewed, additional permitting may be required.
NOTE: Providers will not be able to move forward in the process until the small cell permit is issued.

Based on review comments that will be provided to the applicant, applicants may be required to contact the Building Permit Division and Streets and Maintenance Department to finalize the permitting process. An inspection with the Building Permit Division must be scheduled after installation to finalize the process.

Building Permits
Contact the One Stop Shop for Building Permits and Inspections at (915) 212-0104 for inspections and/or questions.

Streets and Maintenance
- Pavement Cut Program
Traffic Control Permit
Contact (915) 212-0151 for inspections and/or questions.

Application & Annual Rental Rates Fees

Non-refundable application fees will be paid at the time of submittal through the
Citizen Access Portal.  When ready to issue, pro-rated rental rates will be due and will be billed January 1 thereafter.


New Node Support Pole


  • $1,000 for each pole.
  • A maximum of 30 applications may be submitted at once.

Annual Rental Rates:
$20 annually per service pole. Collocation of network nodes on Municipal owned service poles.

Network Node


  • $500 for up to 5 nodes.
  • $250 for each additional node.
  • A maximum of 30 network facilities may be included in each application.

Annual Rental Rates:
$250 annually per network node side, with an annual adjustment.

Transport Facility


  • $500 for up to 5 nodes.
  • $250 for each additional node.
  • A maximum of 30 network facilities may be included in each application.

Annual Rental Rates:
$28 monthly per network node side, not to exceed network provider's monthly aggregate networks.