Streets & Maintenance

The Street and Maintenance Department provides the City of El Paso with street infrastructure maintenance and traffic engineering services designed to enhance and sustain the community’s transportation network. Other responsibilities include maintaining the City’s fleet and facilities.

Street Operations

The City performs operations to maintain the quality of the streets and provide safe and efficient transportation networks. Under the management of the Department of Transportation, a comprehensive asphalt maintenance strategy is implemented. Among the most visible initiatives is the pothole patching function, carried out by seven dedicated work crews equipped with specialized trucks. Annually, these crews effectively patch over 200,000 square feet of City streets, swiftly addressing road surface irregularities that pose hazards to motorists.

In addition to pothole repair, the Department executes a highly cost-effective crack-sealing program. Timed to coincide with colder months, this initiative focuses on sealing pavement cracks, preventing moisture intrusion, and enhancing ride quality. By extending the lifespan of paved surfaces, the program contributes significantly to infrastructure durability and cost savings in the long term.

Moreover, the City dedicates resources to crack sealing on a large scale, with two specialized crews employing trailer-mounted equipment to maintain over 270,000 linear feet of City streets annually. This proactive approach to asphalt maintenance ensures that roads remain in optimal condition, promoting safety and convenience for residents and visitors alike while maximizing the longevity of the City's infrastructure.

Pavement Cut Program Permits & Inspections

Pavement cut involves any excavating, boring, coring, or drilling in city right-of-way (ROW) areas. These cuts are usually performed in order to change, fix, or remove features in order to improve streets/ROWs. Proper forms must be filled before anything can be done to the ROW.  The following are required to get a permit and make a pavement cut:

The following are required to make a pavement cut inspection:

  • Must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the commencement of any work
  • Request must be between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday (For Friday and Monday inspection requests, please schedule on Thursday before 4:00 pm)
  • Schedule appointment with the Data Management section at (915) 212-7028.
  • Obtain a Special Privilege License if inspection involves a telecommunication or utility company by visiting the OneStop Shop or calling (915) 212-0104.

Bike Lanes

The City of El Paso has recently installed several new bicycle lanes across the City and is currently implementing many more changes to increase bicycling safety and awareness. Recently, bike lane counts at several locations were conducted to analyze the usage of bike facilities based on an average, continuous 15-hour period. This information will be incorporated into future bicycle planning efforts at the City. For example, Edgemere Boulevard, which links several neighborhoods, schools, and retail establishments, show high ridership along this eight-mile bike path.

View Bike Lanes

The City  is currently pursuing the creation of a more connected bicycle network. The City offers several types of lanes, roadway markings, and signage to create a safer and more comfortable bicycling experience. As the City continues to develop a bicycle plan, further counts will be conducted to gather ridership data providing an accurate depiction of bicycle use throughout the city. The ridership information will be used, in part, to determine locations of new bicycle facilities.