PSSD's mission is to facilitate the procurement of goods and services in an open, fair, transparent, economically competitive and respectful process with the goal of maximizing tax payers’ dollars. Therein promoting and fostering a climate of good business relationships between our suppliers and the City.

The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing
Department (PSSD)

The PSSD is the primary agency responsible for purchasing and e-sourcing matters for supplies and services necessary for the efficient operation of all City departments. Our department works jointly with the various City departments in developing:

  • Bid specifications
  • Scopes of work
  • Facilitating the bidding and contract awarding process
  • Monitoring annual contracts
  • Contract administration
  • Issuing and approving purchase orders

Our department also provides internal and external workshops and trainings relating to contract administration, bid and proposal preparation, and vendor outreach with the focus on clarifying “How to do Business with the City”.

City of El Paso e-Procurement

The e-Procurement is designed to change the paradigm of how you do business with the City.
The e-Procurement was developed with the goal of increasing transparency and reducing the amount of paperwork (paper friendly to paperless) required for doing business with the City.

We continually seek vendors, suppliers, and contractors who can provide quality products and services at competitive prices. The PSSD uses competitive bidding procedures to select vendors, and encourages vendor participation in our bidding activities.

We follow our Procurement and Sourcing Policy which describes our guidelines for conducting any procurement and related activities.

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If you need any assistance or want more information visit the Policies, Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary pages or call (915) 212-0043.


City of El Paso e-Marketplace Cost Avoidance

$3,386,448 - To Date and 
$82,602 - Fiscal Year 2022

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PSSD coordinates contracts in accordance with State statutes, City ordinances and proper purchasing procedures for the purchase of all supplies, materials, and services in annual amounts exceeding $50,000 for all City departments, and administers all formal contracts and acts as the City’s liaison with vendors.


Past Purchases

A record of the past purchases the city has made are summarized by year in each of the documents below. These are useful for following through and observing trends to see where spending has gone.

Fiscal Year 2017 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2016 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2015 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2014 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2013 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2012 Spend Analysis
Fiscal Year 2011 Spend Analysis

Guidelines for Purchasing Forms

Any forms that are filled and not submitted through online means must be returned to the PSSD by:

  • Fax at (915) 212-0044
  • Mailed to the PSSD
    Department of Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing
    300 N Campbell St
    El Paso 79901
  • Hand delivered to the PSSD
    See Map

If you have questions about the forms, please contact the PSSD at (915) 212-1189. Please note that while the City requires vendors to be on the City's Vendor list to issue a purchase order, you are not required to complete the vendor forms or be on the list in order to submit a bid. However, in the event of an award, vendors will be required to complete and submit a Vendor Set Up Form along with an IRS W-9 form.

When a vendor is the sole source of a product/service/item the City requires a Sole Source Affidavit along with a sole source letter which sets forth the reasons why this bidder is a sole source provider as stated under Section 252.022, subchapter A of the Local Governmental Code 7A. The document must be signed, dated and notarized before submission. 

Disclaimer: Bidders must understand that by providing false information on the Sole Source Affidavit, he/she may be considered a non-responsible bidder on future solicitations, which may result in discontinuation of any/all business with the City of El Paso.

For a full extensive guideline about Purchasing Forms, view our Terms & Conditions.


Hire El Paso First

We recognize that the foundation of a strong local economy are programs to encourage businesses to locate within the local area of the City of El Paso and to hire El Paso residents as employees. The Texas Legislature has amended Texas Local Government Code Sections 271.905 and 271.9051 to allow for the City’s consideration of location of a bidder’s principal place of business when awarding certain contracts. With this amendment and in the interest of economic development opportunities for the City of El Paso, our division has implemented the Hire El Paso First – Local Business Purchasing Preference Policy in order to infuse additional dollars into the local economy. 


Certificate of Interested Parties

The Texas Legislature adopted House Bill 1295, which added section 2252.908 of the Government Code. The law states that a governmental entity or state agency may not enter into certain contracts with a business entity unless the business entity submits a disclosure of interested parties to the governmental entity or state agency at the time the business entity submits the signed contract to the governmental entity or state agency. The law applies only to a contract of a governmental entity or state agency that either:

  1. Requires an action or vote by the governing body of the entity or agency before the contract may be signed
  2. Has a value of at least $1 million

The disclosure requirement applies to a contract entered into on or after January 1, 2016.

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