Intergovernmental Relations

The Intergovernmental relations (IGR) section coordinates interactions between the City of El Paso and federal, state, and governmental entities.

The role of IGR is to monitor legislation and policy at the state and federal levels, manage relevant consultant contracts, and coordinate legislative activities with outside entities. IGR is responsible for developing legislative programs approved by City Council setting our organizational policy priorities. This also includes assisting City Departments with advocacy and the City’s participation in municipal organizations to further strengthen relationships and ensure our resident's well-being is protected.

In working closely with the El Paso City Council, state, and federal delegation, we can be effective and prepared as an organization to interact with other levels of government and ensure that the City’s interests are protected and enhanced in the legislative process with strong intergovernmental relationships.

State Legislative Agendas

88th Session 87th Session


State Lobby Contract

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Shape EP (Redistricting)

Every ten years, following the national census, the City of El Paso adjusts district boundaries to ensure that residents have equal representation. Shape EP outlines the process and shows the geographic districts in El Paso!

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