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Welcome to the El Paso Fire Department Website. We continue striving to provide a helpful resource to the members of this community. Feel free to browse around and offer us any suggestions. Enjoy your visit.

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The Mission of the Fire Department is to provide emergency response, prevention, preparedness and education to residents, businesses and visitors of our city so they can live safely and prosper in a hazard-resilient community.

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    Employees Honored

    For 25 years of service to the citizens of El Paso, Investigator Eric Sodemann, Battalion Chief Sergio Ramirez Jr. and Deputy Chief Ramon Valencia were honored by City Manager Tommy Gonzalez, Mayor Oscar Leeser and the City Council meeting on Feb. 28. All three received a service pin and a plaque. Read More

    Red Helmet Ceremonies

    On Feb. 28, 11 firefighters from all three shifts ceremoniously received their red helmets after completing their probationary year. The B-shift event was held at Station 5, and friends and family was invited to attend. Captain Gonzalo Soto, who is in charge of the Probationary Firefighter Program on B-Shift, was tasked with organizing the ceremony for Firefighters Manuel Carrasco, George Cichy, Henry Dominguez, Vincent Escarsega, Oscar Mijares, Diangelo Sanchez and Gabino Solis. Read More

    Dog Saves Life

    When 84-year old Celia Pena went on a walk with her dog Palomo, she never expected it to become a life-threatening emergency. But that's exactly what happened that frigid January evening. Pena suffered a fall, and she could not get up. So she dragged herself as close to the street as she could. But it was in vain. No one saw her. No one heard her calls for help. The sun set and temperatures dropped below freezing. Pena would spend the entire night on that cold street. Read More

    AHA CPR Lessons

    On Feb. 25, FPM Martin Dominguez and some of his students taught hundreds of women hands-only CPR as part of the American Heart Association's Women's Heart Health Conference titled "Vestido Rojo." Read More

    Return to Scene

    On Feb. 20, employees of the Community Risk Reduction section returned to the scene of two recent fires to educate neighbors about fire safety, create fire evacuation plans and install free smoke alarms when needed. The east and west neighborhoods recently had a significant fire at the 1600 block of Bob Smith and the 4300 block of Donnybrook. Investigator Steve Hernandez, PIO Carlos Briano, Investigator Jesse Cannoy, Lt. James Schaerfl and Lt. Michael Franco conducted the neighborhood walks. Read More

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Press Releases

    Condition 2 - 11600 Dos Palmas

    Fire Department
    El Paso, Texas – At approximately 10:24 a.m. on Thursday March 23, the El Paso Fire Department was dispatched to a condition 2 fire at the 11600 block of Dos Palmas Dr. when some construction workers called 9-1-1. Upon arriving on the scene at 10:30 a.m., crews found smoke coming from the garage area of a two-story duplex. Firefighters began to simultaneously fight the fire and search for workers and a dog reported to be inside. Firefighters found the dog, but all the construction workers had self-evacuated. Firefighters continued to fight the fire, which was being quickly accelerated by the high winds.

    Dig Safely 811

    Fire Department
    El Paso, Texas – The El Paso Fire Department and Texas Gas service would like to remind the public to avoid damage and accidents in their digging by first calling 811. Texas law requires utilities and line owners to register their underground facilities in every county and for excavators to contact every potentially affected operator before they start to dig. Excavators include:

    Condition 3 - 8900 Leo

    Fire Department
    El Paso, Texas – At approximately 7:54 p.m. on Monday March 20, the El Paso Fire Department was dispatched to a condition 3 fire at the 8900 block of Leo St. when a passerby saw smoke and fire and called 9-1-1. Upon arriving on the scene at 7:57 p.m., crews found a single-story duplex fully engulfed in flames. Firefighters began to simultaneously fight the fire and search for residents inside. Since the residents had self-evacuated, firefighters continued to fight the fire.

    ComSAR Ron Coleman

    Fire Department
    El Paso, Texas – At approximately 1:51 p.m. on Saturday March 18, the El Paso Fire Department was dispatched to the Ron Coleman Trail in the Franklin Mountain State Park when a hiker sustained an injury and called 9-1-1. The first unit arrived on the scene at 2:10 p.m. and could not see the hiker from the base of the mountain. The Combined Search and Rescue team was immediately dispatched to reach the injured hiker. The ComSAR team reached the hiker at 3:37 p.m. and began to treat the injuries of the 22-year-old male.

    Dont Drive Over Fire Hose

    Fire Department
    El Paso, Texas – The El Paso Fire Department would like remind the public that driving over fire hoses during fire incidents is a very dangerous practice that can put the lives of firefighters and residents on the line. Driving over a charged hose can damage the line, cutting off valuable water supply to the firefighters fighting a fire. The pressure that a vehicle will place on a charged hose is tremendous. A burst hose line can become a dangerous missile that will seriously injure anyone in the vicinity.

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    Saved my Father

    My parents and I cannot thank you guys enough for saving my father's life two years ago when he had a stroke... Read More

    Two Step Thanks

    I want to thank Chief D'Agostino, Captain Sara Carrillo and Lt. James Schaerfl on behalf of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center of El Paso. Thank you for your support planning and coordinating the Texas Two Step CPR event! Read More

    Touching Funeral Honors

    It was a beautiful participation from the firefighters at the funeral of my father's funeral! It was totally beautiful and very touching... Read More

    Saved my home

    Your team saved my family and what you could of my mother's and siblings' home tonight. Read More

    L5 helps Cemetery

    Fort Bliss National Cemetery thanks the El Paso Fire Department for replacing the halyard on the main flag pole. On Sunday, Jan. 15, a thunderstorm produced wind that broke the halyard from the main flag pole at Fort Bliss National Cemetery in El Paso... Read More

    Border Patrol Funeral

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire El Paso Fire Department personnel for supporting the United States Border Patrol, El Paso Sector, during the funeral arrangements and services for Border Patrol Agent David Gomez. I want to recognize PIO Carlos Briano and your department's stations for their outstanding participation and cooperation with our agents throughout the entire event process. Read More

    Amazing Response Time

    My 82-year-old mother had a little blood sugar issue and had to go to the ER... Read More

    Battalion 4 Praise

    St. Raphael Catholic School would like to thank the EPFD for making our Red Ribbon/Fire Safety Celebration a success on 10/20/16... Read More

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