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Presentations & Tours

El Paso Fire offers opportunities for the public to engage with members of the department. Local stations offer tours and presentations, while the Community Risk Reduction team is prepared to deliver life-saving educational programs to the public. With a variety of age-specific fire safety and prevention programs, the Fire Department can educate the community on keeping El Paso safe. We kindly request two-week advance notice for ALL requests; any requests received less than two weeks prior to the event date may not be accommodated due to scheduling constraints.


EPFD Safety Squad

The Safety Squad is a fun and entertaining educational tool to teach your students the dangers and precautions necessary when it comes to fire. With the use of music, comedy, and participation the Safety Squad can capture the imagination of your students while at the same time raising their awareness. The show will cover smoke alarms, fire escape, and fire escape planning, "Stop, Drop and Roll" (Self-extinguishment), adolescence arson and of course Sparky. Each show is approximately 45 minutes long.


  1. The show’s schedule will start in Feb and end in Dec.
  2. A 3-week notice is necessary for the shows.
  3. The form must be filled out completely.
  4. One show per-school.
  5. Shows are performed on the 1st and 3rd week of the month.
  6. Shows can be performed on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
  7. The EPFD can only perform a one-morning show and one afternoon show.
  8. One show per school per year to allow for more schools to be able to schedule the show.


  1. The audience must be from kinder to 5th grade (elementary grade level)
  2. A large grouping of students (100+ students).
  3. A stage to perform on.
  4. The school must be located inside the incorporated area of the City of El Paso.

Unfortunately, schools located within Ft. Bliss Property do not qualify at this time.​

Fire Station Visit

Get a personalized tour of the local fire station in your neighborhood. Meet and get to know the local firefighters that are always there to serve you in your time of need.

Fire Extinguisher Program

Get your employees trained! El Paso Fire Department provides on-site training to help your employees meet OSHA requirements for the use of fire extinguishers.  (May include Live Fire training)

Fire Prevention Program

The Community Risk Reduction’s team mission is to prepare and deliver educational programs to the public that effectively reduce identified community risks. The Community Risk Reduction team provides a variety of age-specific fire prevention programs to the public.

Fire Truck Presentation

The fire truck presentation is a personal tour of our fire trucks. Your neighborhood fire station will send out a Pumper, Ladder, or Ambulance to your facilities. Get an up-close and personal experience with the tools and equipment that the firefighters use to address emergencies. Watch the crews demonstrate how the apparatus works and how it is used.

Fire Safety Class at SHOC

We provide a Fire Safety Class at our Safety Health Outreach Center to the public. Call and set up an appointment with our fire safety experts. You will be educated on identifying fire hazards in the home as well as seasonal safety concerns. Three-week advance reservation notice to check for availability

Make A Request

Please note that we cannot fulfill requests in the hours between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and we require two-week advance notice to check for availability.

For ALL requests, please fill out the online form

If you need to contact the Community Risk Reduction team, you can reach their office at (915) 212-5699

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