Fire Department

Logistics & Maintenance


The Logistics Division is comprised of the Apparatus and Equipment Section, Breathing Air Section (SCBA) and Logistics Section. The goal of Logistics is to procure and maintain safe and reliable apparatus and equipment for the El Paso Fire Department in an expedient, efficient and judicious manner.

The goal of the SCBA Section is to provide emergency personnel with safe and reliable breathing air equipment in order to minimize the hazards potentially encountered during an emergency and to provide logistical support to the El Paso Fire Department.

The El Paso Fire Department operates a full service facility for the repair and maintenance of all fire apparatus, crash trucks, ambulances, support vehicles and equipment assigned to the El Paso Fire Department.

The Logistics Division also maintains dedicated facilities for the repair and maintenance of breathing apparatus. The Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is the mask and air cylinders firefighters wear to protect them in hazardous environments. The SCBA cylinder is filled with compressed air, not oxygen. The SCBA Section fills approximately 7000 bottles a year. The SCBA Section is also equipped to provide breathing air refill services on the fire ground with the use of a mobile air unit.

The Logistics Section procures and issues supplies necessary to maintain all of the fire stations and apparatus. Additionally, Logistics is responsible for the purchase, storage and issuing of uniforms and protective clothing used by the fire department.

The Logistics Division is comprised of 27 full time uniformed and non-uniformed employees with an annual budget of approximately $4,600,000.



Fire Pumper: Pumpers are equipped with a permanently mounted fire pump, water tank, and hose whose primary purpose is to combat structural and associated fires. The El Paso Fire Department has standardized its pumper fleet to carry 500 gallons of water, 5” supply hose, 1 ¾ - 2 ½ inch attack hose, and a total of 50 feet of ground ladders. The fire pumps mounted on the apparatus are capable of providing up to 1500 gallons per minute of water.

Aerial Apparatus: Aerial apparatus are equipped with an aerial ladder, elevating platform or water tower that is designed and equipped to support fire fighting and rescue operations by positioning personnel, handling materials, providing continuous egress, or discharging water at position elevated from the ground. The El Paso Fire Department Aerials are equipped with 100+ foot high aerial ladders. They also carry a variety of ground ladders ranging from 6 foot to 35 feet in length.

Quint Apparatus: Quints are fire apparatus equipped with a permanently mounted fire pump, a water tank, fire hose, an aerial with a permanently mounted waterway, and a complement of ground ladders. Basically these units are an Aerial and Pumper in one. These units are capable of pumping 1500 gallons per minute and have 100 foot aerials. They also carry various ground ladders ranging from 6 to 35 feet in length.

Rescue: The El Paso Fire Department referrers to its ambulances as Rescues. A Rescue (ambulance) is a vehicle for pre-hospital treatment and transportation of sick or injured people. Personnel staffing these vehicles are highly skilled in pre-hospital patient care and they are also certified structural firefighters.

Battalions: Battalion units are pickup trucks equipped with emergency lights and sirens. These vehicles are staffed with a Battalion Chief and his driver. Battalion Chiefs are command staff officers and take charge of large scale incidents. The units carry equipment for Rapid Intervention Teams, Rehab, Pre-incident surveys, and air monitoring.