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The EPFD Explorer Program is a youth-based organization chartered by the El Paso Fire Department through Learning for Life & Boy Scouts of America that focuses on Fire Service Exploring. The organization allows teens and young adults  to see, experience, and train on many aspects of typical firefighter duties. This includes all aspects of the firefighter's job from emergency medical procedures, to placing ladders, to (eventually) live fire training. The intent is to allow the participants the opportunity to see what being a firefighter is “all about” before committing to a career in the fire service. We have a strong focus on physical fitness (a must within the fire service) and overall health. We also do a large amount of volunteer and community service work.

Our post is chartered by the El Paso Fire Department. We maintain open enrollment throughout the year. The Explorer Program also participates in a large amount of community service work.

What Is An Explorer?

An Explorer is a person involved in the Learning for Life Explorer program. Fire Service Explorers receive training and certifications including, but not limited to

Meetings & Trainings

Weekly meetings are held at the El Paso Fire Training Academy at 6800 Delta inside of Ascarate Park from 8-11 am. If you need directions please contact us and we will provide them. When entering the park you will need to let the guard shack attendant know that you are there for the fire department to avoid having to pay the entry fee. It is STRONGLY suggested that you eat a small meal prior to coming out, and make sure to bring water with you. 

Learning For Life Application

When you attend your first meeting you will be asked to fill out an application from The Boy Scouts of America/Learning for Life. This application requires that you pay $25.00 fee for registration. Please note that if you are not 18 years of age, or over, you must have a parent's signature on the application.

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Explorers also participate in community service. All Explorers are required to volunteer in order to remain in the program. They work closely with the Fire Department to learn new things and participate in assisting firefighters during observations or Ride-Alongs (Disclaimer: Not yet approved). Additionally, all firefighters must remain in shape in order to perform their jobs both safely and effectively. As such, all Explorers must reach and maintain our physical fitness standards.

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