Fire Department

Community Risk Reduction

The goal of the Community Risk Reduction Section is to prepare and deliver life safety educational programs to the public that effectively reduce identified community risks. The Community Risk Reduction provides a variety of age specific fire prevention programs to the public. These include:


Information & Requests

After the Fire -
pamphlet offering advice after a fire in your home
Fire Station Visits
Fire Truck Displays
Fire Safety Presentations
Free Smoke Alarm Request
Fire Explorer Post 2911
Child Safety Passenger Seat Inspection

Safety Forms

Home Safety Checklist / Lista de Seguridad de Hogar
Holiday Decorating Safety
Outdoor Decorating Safety
Extension cord Safety
Electrical Safety / Seguridad con la Electricidad
Escape Planning / Plan de Escape


Safety Tips

Carbon Monoxide
Charcoal Grills
Hiking and Camping
House and Garden
Open Burning (Recreational, Pits, Bon Fires, etc.)
School Arsons
Spring Weather
Summer Weather
Swimming Pools
Toxic Substances
Smoke Alarm Program
Winter Weather