Public Health

CDC Health Equity

The CDC Health Equity Program is a multidisciplinary team working together to build, leverage, and expand infrastructure to support COVID-19 prevention and control. Through the mobilization of partners and collaborators, the program continues to ensure resources are available to the community in order to maintain and manage medical, physical, and mental health.

Our Services:

  • COVID and post-COVID education
  • Presentations & education resources on COVID-19, hygiene, children & mental health, nutrition
  • Prediabetes risk factor assessments

Referral Programs:

  • Primary Care Providers
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Department of Public Health Services


Health Educator
Gabriela Herrera, Health Project Coordinator
(915) 212-7758

Patient Health Navigators
Leidy Arredondo, Health Project Coordinator
(915) 212-7854

Medical Team
Andrea Salcedo, Nurse Practitioner
(915) 212-6599

Request Referral Services
(915) 212-7881 | (915) 212-7875