Fire Department

Ambulance Billing


A bill for emergency medical services is usually mailed to the home of the patient. Payment can be made by check or with a major credit card. Payment instructions are listed on the bill. 

Online Payment

Payments may be made online using the Intermedix Payment Portal

Fire Medical Services Financial Assistance Program

Program Description
Application (English)
Application (Spanish)


If you have recently received a bill regarding any service you received, you are welcome to contact our billing service provider:

(877) 399-1496

 For accounts with a Date of Service prior to April 1, 2021, please call:

Intermedix Technologies
US (888) 987-1477
Mexico or Outside The Us (877) 623-5172

The billing service provider will answer questions regarding your ambulance bill or payment options. They can provide a copy of your bill and/or Patient Care Report.