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A lobbyist is an organization, corporation or group, or person hired by an individual, corporation or group, to influence public officials, city employees or specific boards and commissions. Unless excepted in the lobbyist ordinance, those who have engaged in lobbying activities and meet any of the below criteria within any of the three month periods beginning the first day of January, April, July, and October, need to register as lobbyists:

  • Received compensation or salary of $200 or more for lobbying.
  • Received reimbursement of $200 or more for lobbying.
  • Spent $200 or more for lobbying.
  • Entered into an agreement to provide lobbying services on a contingent fee basis.

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Lobbyists Registration

Lobbyists must file quarterly reports of lobbying activities, and must identify themselves as lobbyists in their dealings with City officials.

Quarterly Report Form