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Citizen participation in local government is the foundation of our democratic way of life. Residents are encouraged to contribute their time, knowledge, and experience to shaping the City's goals and policies by volunteering to serve on a citizen advisory board and/or commission. In El Paso, the city's goals are best set by public discussion to ensure accountability to its citizens. City boards and commissions are the underpinnings of this process in our community - they are how our community navigates the daily and weekly decisions that make El Paso run smoothly and to become the kind of community we all want. Citizen advisory boards and commissions are critical to maintaining communication, local standards, municipal planning, and the direction the City of El Paso takes in providing these services. For more information on the ethical requirements of a City Official view the Ethics Ordinance.

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As unpaid volunteers, board and commission members participate in government by analyzing issues through formal hearings and private discussions. Each board is unique and different, with its own internal rules and governing procedures. It is recommended that before you make this important commitment, carefully consider whether you have adequate free time to attend the meetings.

Volunteers are valuable to our community and you are encouraged to get involved, either by applying for membership on a board or commission, attending meetings, or working with current board and commission members. Appointments are open to all residents of the City of El Paso and applicants will be sought from all segments of the community.

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In an attempt to have equal representation from our diverse community, the City of El Paso gathers voluntary demographic information to be used solely for statistical and reporting purposes.

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The members of boards and commissions, annual finance disclosure, and public records forms can be found on the forms page.

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