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915 Tree Keepers

El Paso’s Neighborhood Tree Adoption Program

A Love Your Block Initiative

The goal and vision of the 915 Tree Keepers Program is to offer neighborhoods that are lacking shade, the opportunity to adopt trees and together, grow their block’s canopy cover. Through partnerships and volunteers, we will provide trees and help plant them along residential streets across the city. This project aims to establish tree coverage in our densely populated City, particularity in underserved areas. The 915 Tree Keepers, El Paso’s Neighborhood Tree Adoption program, can have a tremendous multi-generational impact on our citizen's quality of life and on the environmental ecosystems that coexist in our great city.

Nominate Your Neighborhood for Tree Adoption

Texas Elm Tree

Groups of at least 5 neighbors on one block who are eager to bring shade to their neighborhood and cool our city can apply. The first entry will serve as the Project Lead, who will serve as the main point of contact and can fill out the form for the rest of the interested neighbors who are interested in adopting trees. While only 5 neighborhood households are required, the more the merrier! Signing up 10+ neighbors of one block is highly encouraged!

Once an interest form is completed, Community & Human Development Department staff will contact the applicant to coordinate tree plantings during an appropriate season. In collaboration with volunteers and residents, this program will plant tree(s), grow your neighborhood’s shade canopy, and put down roots to benefit the community at large.

Neighborhood Nomination Form

Requirements for becoming 915 Tree Keeper:

  • At least 5 neighbors (more are always encouraged) on the same block must all agree to adopt trees.
  • Participants must live in single-family residences and not be a commercial establishment.
  • If you are a renter, you are required to seek permission from the property owner.
  • Nominated households must be in an area with a Tree Equity scorecard of 65% or less. Look up your neighborhood’s score here: 915 TreeKeepers (
  • Each household is eligible to plant (2) trees in the City's Right-of-Way (ROW, area between your sidewalk and street.) Trees are not eligible to be planted on private property outside of the City's ROW.
  • Each household should be prepared, with the help of volunteers, to spend up to two hours planting their adopted trees.
  • Each household will be required to sign a participation waiver and an Adopt-a-Tree agreement committing to maintaining and watering their trees according to their assigned El Paso Water watering schedule.

Tree Equity Score

A Tree Equity Score is calculated based on how much tree canopy and surface temperature align with income, employment, race, age and health factors.

Find your neighborhood's Tree Equity Score

Where Can You Plant Trees?

Trees must be planted in the Public Right of Way only and not in a home's yard. When there is no sidewalk they must be planted within 10 feet of the curb, with an attached sidewalk within 7 feet, and with a detached sidewalk in between the curb and sidewalk.

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Tree's Critical Role

Keep your street cool! Trees positively contribute to the aesthetics of city landscapes, however, in many municipalities, critical infrastructure such as buildings, roads, and highways make up the vast majority of the urban scene. Additionally, studies have shown that tree coverage is often inequitably distributed amongst higher-income populations.

Trees play a critical role in city landscape and in population health. Globally, trees contribute to mitigating climate change, decreasing the urban heat effect in densely populated areas, and supplying us with life-sustaining oxygen. Environmental health scientists have found epidemiological evidence of a link between trees and human health. Research conducted has shown that cities with higher percentages of tree canopy cover are healthier and have more active community members. The presence of trees in urban areas helps reduce harms such as, ultraviolet rays, air-pollution-related respiratory conditions and heat-stress related incidents. Vegetation provides positive benefits for any location, but El Paso in particular, would see a dramatic impact with the implementation of a tree planting program due to the dry and hot climate of the Chihuahuan desert and southwest region.

Types of Trees

Only drought-tolerant, El Paso climate-friendly trees will be used in planting. Examples of trees that may be used:

Chinese Pistache Tree

Chinese Pistache Tree

Honey Mesquite Tree

Texas Mesquite Tree

Cedar Elm Tree

Texas Elm Tree

Desert Museum Palo Verde

Bubba Desert Willow

Chinkapin Oak

Partners & Sponsors

This program was made possible by the office of City Representative Cassandra Hernandez and generous donations from the following partners/sponsors:

Cassandra Hernandez Office of District 3El Paso ElectricIsabel Salcido District 5Marathon


Interested in supporting 915 Tree Keepers?

Please submit our Volunteer form below to notify City staff of your desire to make El Paso a greener place to live.

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915 TreeKeepers wants to encourage activism in environmental efforts citywide.
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