Community & Human Development

Housing Rehabilitation

The City of El Paso Housing Rehabilitation Program is not currently accepting new applications. An announcement will be made when the program reopens.

Housing Rehabilitation, Minor Home Repair ProgramThe Department of Community and Human Development offers services to assist homeowners with repairs to bring their dwelling unit into compliance with the International Residential Codes and local ordinances.   El Paso households who own and occupy their homes and are income and asset qualified, can apply for the Single-Family Owner-Occupied (SFOO) Program.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be the owner(s) and occupant of the property as their principle residence for a period of three years prior to applying.  Owner is defined as any person or persons having fee simple title by deed.
  2. You are a resident within the city limits of the City of El Paso, Texas.
  3. Total household members is considered for income computation.  The gross annual household income must fall below 80% of the median household income for the City of El Paso (See table to the right).
  4. Home assessed market value must not exceed $183,350.00 before and after rehabilitation value.
  5. In regards to manufactured homes, the home must be registered as permanently affixed to the ground (not mobile).


Single-Family Owner-Occupied Assistance Programs Offered

Special Assistance Program:

  • Minor Home Repair - Funds are available up to $20,000 to address repairs that pose an immediate threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the occupants or to meet accessibility standards.
  • Residential Sewer Connection - Provides special assistance for the initial connection to local sewer collection lines within the El Paso City limits.


Home Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program:

Eligible loan assistance has a minimum of $20,000.00 and a maximum of $65,000.00 that includes the loan and deferred payment loan amounts only.  Loan assistance includes construction hard costs, soft costs and closing costs. 

Loans for qualified senior citizens and persons with disabilities can be structured as a 15-Year Forgivable Deferred Payment Loan.

All loans and/or deferred payment loans are to be secured by a Builder’s and Mechanic’s Lien Contract and Deed of Trust (with Power of Sale). 


The following additional assistance is available and are not included as part of the program maximum assistance amounts identified above:

  • Accessibility – up to $20,000.00
  • Lead, Asbestos and Mold Abatement/Encapsulation – up to $20,000.00
  • Relocation-up to $3,000.00
  • Historic Preservation – up to $10,000.00

Additional assistance maximum amounts include construction hard costs, soft costs and closing costs.  Any amount exceeding the maximum limits will be included in the loan/deferred payment loan.

If you are interested in these programs please send us an email at [email protected]


Multi-Family Affordable Rental Housing Development - Assistance is available on a rolling schedule with proposal reviews on a quarterly basis*

If you are interested in Multi-Family Affordable Rental Housing Development please email [email protected]

How to Qualify

You must have owned and occupied your home a minimum of 3 years prior to applying for assistance and fall under these income limits:

Size of Family Maximum 80% Median Income
1 $38,150
2 $43,600
3 $49,050
4 $54,450
5 $58,850
6 $63,200
7 $67,550
8 or more $71,900

*Effective as of June 15, 2022 – Published by HUD