Community & Human Development

Center for Civic Empowerment (CCE)

Building partnerships to advance equity, reduce poverty, and improve community outcomes.

Through effective collaboration with internal and external organizations, the government, and the vibrant communities of El Paso, the Center for Civic Empowerment (CCE) serves as a multi-use connectivity hub engineered to equip nonprofits, neighborhood-driven organizations, government agencies, and other civic groups to establish relationships to further the vision, mission and goals set forth by the CCE and City of El Paso.

Please review the CCE's Policies & Procedures and submit a Request form to reserve our space today! Contact us if you have any questions.

CCE Policies & Procedures CCE Request Form


  • Eligible organizations and/or events include nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, volunteer groups, government entities, community partners or City of El Paso departments interested in hosting events that align with the CCE’s objectives. Groups using the facility must comply with all federal, state, and city regulations.
  • Ineligible organizations and/or events include profit-making events, political organizations, campaigns and activities, public/private social gatherings, religiously affiliated organizations and activities, and events that don’t align with the CCE’s objectives.

Hours of Operation

  • The Center for Civic Empowerment (CCE) is open 8am – 5pm MT, Monday through Friday. After-hour events are welcome but must not be earlier than 7am and/or exceed 8pm MT. After-hour events require advanced staff approval, a certificate of insurance, and a signed agreement.


  • Activate community dialogue within the Downtown footprint.
  • Ensure responsiveness of political institutions.
  • Expand civic bridging capacity.
  • Ensures federal, state, local, and private sector efforts are aligned and integrated to maximize their benefit and impact.
  • Equip talent in underinvested communities, specifically the surrounding downtown area with the skills and credentials to compete successfully for quality income and wealth opportunities.
  • Invest in microbusinesses, housing and other community infrastructure to catalyze economic, health, safety and educational mobility for individuals and communities.
  • Strengthen existing alliances while building new collaborations to increase our impact on the progress of people and places.
  • Develop leadership and the capacity of partners to advance our work together.
  • Drive local, regional, and national policy and system changes that foster broadly shared prosperity and well-being.
  • Meets the HUD National objectives in
    • Benefiting low- and moderate-income persons
    • Preventing or eliminating slums or blight, or
    • Meetings other community development needs having a particular urgency because existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community and other financial resources are not available to meet such needs.

Center for Civic Empowerment - Photos

Room A

  • 45-50 person seated capacity, private space
    Room A Room A

Room B

  • 20-25 person seated capacity, open space
    Room B Room B

Room C

  • 45-50 person seated capacity, private space
    Room C Room C


  • Interactive Hybrid Meetings
    With visual and audio Cisco Webex integration, guests can organize hybrid meetings in which virtual attendees can equivalently hear anyone within the room and openly interact with fellow participants. Camera features can be selected to follow a single speaker and/or view the entire meeting room, while focusing in on the individual(s) who are speaking.

  • Host Concurrent Meetings
    The CCE offers a total of (3) meeting rooms, all of which have the ability to host events in a hybrid format, while (2) of which remain private and soundproof.

  • Ability to convert into one large event space
    To accommodate larger public and/or private events, all (3) CCE meeting rooms can be converted into one large open space, in which the audio and visual features on the television screens are automatically shared throughout the entire space.


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