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Gus & Goldie Franchise

The City of El Paso Parks & Recreation Aquatics Division is pleased to introduce Gus and Goldie's Promotional and Marketing Program. It is a highly successful, complete promotional and marketing package, designed to encompass and enhance your existing aquatics program with an exciting new appeal.

Through the dramatization of Learn-To-Swim and Water Safety, Gus and Goldie's Promotional Marketing Program adds a fresh, new allure to all your aquatic programs or businesses, helping to generate new and increased revenues while helping to create your vibrant new public image.

Learning to swim with Gus and Goldie is a life rewarding experience as participants advance through eight teaching corrals which polish skills and build on previously mastered swimming skills. The Gus and Goldie characters make this Learn to Swim program fun for kids of all ages as the life-size mascots show up to cheer the participants on, are visible on the student's report cards presented to participants at the end of each LTS session, and teach about swim safety and drowning prevention at community events. Gus and Goldie have become the face of swimming for many generations of El Pasoans signaling thoughts of summer fun, safety, and learning to swim.

Who Are Gus & Goldie?

Gus and Goldie were created by Bill Cowan and Gayle Vokes in 1979 as hand puppets to promote the Learn to Swim program. Since then, Gus and Goldie have grown into life-size mascots with friends including a jellyfish, dolphin, catfish, clam, and algae.

The Gus and Goldie Marketing Campaign has branched out to a franchised business available for purchase for all size swim groups ranging from swim schools to municipalities. Franchise holders have access to marketing tools to make their Learn to Swim program a great success. Promotional items available include Gus and Goldie safety videos, educational boxes used for teaching safety, puppets, activity books, t-shirts, and other merchandise. Story lines have been developed for Gus and Goldie and friends to act out a video emphasizing the 11 most important swim rules.

Key Benefits

  • A proven and established marketing program that will compliment your instructional needs.
  • A program that grasps and holds the attention of children and parents.
  • A program that is simple to implement and we are only a fax or phone call away for consultations or to place an order.
  • A program that is proven to be cost effective. It pays for itself and then makes money for you.
  • You have merchandise and support when you need it! We ship within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

Gus & Goldie Franchise Fee

City Parks and Recreation Departments:
(By City Population Breakdown)

Under 50,000 $320.00 / year
50,001 to 150,000 $530.00 / year
150,001 to 500,000 $800.00 / year
500,001 to 1,000,000 $1,000.00 / year
Over One Million $1,500.00 / year

Regional Franchises:
$3,000.00 / year

State Chapter Franchises:
$1,000.00 / year

Privately Owned Swim Schools:
$250.00 / year

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