"It is the mission of the El Paso Police Department to provide services with integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in the City of El Paso"

Core of Values

We respect life...
We hold the preservation of life as our sacred duty.
Our value of human life set our priorities.

We revere the truth...
We accept nothing less than truth, honesty
and integrity in our profession.

We enforce the law...
We recognize that our basic responsibility is
to enforce the law. Our role is to resolve problems
through the law, not to judge or punish.

We seek community partnership...
We view the people of our community as partners
who deserve our concern, care and attention. We are
committed to reducing the fear of crime in our
community, and we endeavor to do this by
creating partnerships in our neighborhoods.

We honor our police powers...

We understand that our police powers are
derived from the people we serve. We do not
tolerate the abuse of our police authority.

We conduct ourselves with dignity...

We recognize that our personal conduct, both
on and off duty, is inseparable from the professional
reputation of both the officer and the department.


Press Releases

    Man Charged in Hit and Run

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: On 06-01-2015, the STI unit responded to assist CRCC Patrol with a serious traffic collision...

    Recruitment for Summer Youth Academy Opens Today

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS – The El Paso Police Department will be hosting one summer youth academy this year from July 20-24, 2015...

    Police Investigate Murder

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: The Crimes Against Persons Unit (CAP) responded to 8735 Dyer to assist Northeast Patrol with a murder...

    Two Men Arrested for Selling Fake Apple Products

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: An off duty El Paso Police Officer observes two men attempting to sell fake electronics and calls for assistance which leads to the arrest of two males from Mississippi...

    Man Killed While Stealing Copper Wire

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: A man is killed while attempting to steal copper wiring from inside an electrical building located at the old Asarco site in west El Paso...

    Assistance Requested in Locating Missing Man

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: The El Paso Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating a missing man...

    Two Arrested after Fight at Apartment Complex

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: El Paso Police arrest two people after a fight at an apartment complex...

    El Paso Police Initiate Forty DWI Related Cases over Memorial Day Weekend

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: The El Paso Police Department initiated forty (40) Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) related cases over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend...

    Police Identify Man Shot By Police

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: Police identify the man shot by police. Police identified the man as 22-year old David Alejandro Gandara. The investigation continues...

    Summer Safety Tips

    Police Department
    EL PASO, TEXAS: The El Paso Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of our community...

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