Police Department

El Paso Police Foundation

EPPD BadgeThe El Paso Police Foundation provides financial resources for special projects outside the normally budgeted programs of the El Paso Police Department. The partnership between the El Paso Police Department and the El Paso Police Foundation has invested in innovative programs that are keeping El Paso safe.


The El Paso Police Foundation represents a public/private partnership designed to assist our Police Department in building positive relationships within the community, improving officer proficiency and safety, and augmenting law enforcement equipment and technology in order to enhance public safety and quality of life within the City of El Paso.

The Foundation does not relieve the City of its responsibility to provide the necessary funding for law enforcement services. Instead, the Foundation is able to complement Department funding, allowing the Department to support additional programs and maximize its resources. To this end, the Foundation provides support that addresses three overall areas: 

  • Public Safety Improvements- Includes initiatives that address specific public safety needs, improve police effectiveness, and officer safety through the use of specialized equipment, evolving technology, and other innovations.
  • Community Partnerships- Includes projects that enhance the relationship between the community and the El Paso Police Department.
  • Employee Development- Includes programs designed to provide improved training and development opportunities to officers, educational assistance, and employee recognition efforts. 

Funding provided through the Foundation supports dozens of initiatives in these critical need areas each year, allowing the El Paso Police Department to undertake innovative projects, improving its ability to serve the citizens of El Paso.