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Facilities & Fleet Maintenance

Facilities & Fleet Maintenance

The Facilities and Fleet Maintenance division provides a broad array of services to other City departments. From maintaining over 180 buildings to repairing over 2,500 vehicles, we work hard to ensure that City operations continue without interruption and services can continuously be provided to our community. The division has 130 employees and oversees an operating budget in excess of $30,000,000. 

Our division has made many improvements to improve our resiliency and reduce our energy use. During 2012, we reduced energy consumption in City facilities and achieved a measured cost avoidance totaling $1,668,016. We re-lamped 7,200 streetlights from conventional lighting to LED, reducing energy consumption by 60% per light fixture.

Our headquarters is located at: Municipal Service Center, 1059 Lafayette Drive, El Paso, Texas.

Our Mission

Maintain all City buildings in order to provide for a proper, comfortable, safe, and clean environment; not only for our employees, but also for the general public who visit our facilities.

Provide fuel, repair parts, and offer maintenance support for the approximately 2485 vehicles in the City as well as all customer departments, and administer the City's motor pool program.

About Facilities Maintenance

The Facilities Maintenance Division (FMD) maintains the City’s buildings by:

  • Responding to requests for moving services
  • Painting
  • Repairs to plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling systems
  • Other general repairs
  • Purchase all facilities maintenance materials and supplies
  • Manage contracts for the City’s security and cleaning services
  • Manage and pay all of the City’s utility bills with the exception of the Airport, Sun Metro, Health, and Parks and Recreation departments

The new 911 center will be maintained by the FMD; however it will be charged maintenance fees for the services provided. The FMD will be responsible for all maintenance related to the 911 center, and its transmitter site equipment including the uninterrupted power supply units, generators, and HVAC equipment.


About Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Division (FD) not only repairs City vehicles but also:

  • Prepares specifications to purchase all automotive equipment
  • Manage the purchase, storing and distribution of fuels and automotive parts
  • Develops vehicle utilization and replacement policies
  • Inspect all of the taxi and limousine service providers on a yearly basis
  • Assist with Police Department investigations involving motor vehicle accidents
  • Registration and titling of City vehicles

We are an internal service department, billing other city departments for services provided. Repair facilities are located throughout the city and are staffed to provide full maintenance and repairs to the vehicles and equipment assigned to that location. The service locations are as follows:

Field mechanics provide maintenance and repair services to the Zoo, two landfills, park facilities and other remote sites, as well as responding to units broken down in the field.