Safety & Maintenance

Fire Department

Get information on free smoke alarms, career opportunities, flu shot locations and much more helpful resources.

(915) 212-5600

Police Department

Report online, join EPPD, leave an anonymous tip, report Code Enforcement violations, or learn more about EPPD and their news.

(915) 212-4000

Streets & Maintenance

Learn about the city's anti-graffiti program, bike lanes, crosswalks, median cleanup, street repairs and more.

(915) 212-0118

Travel, Tourism & Culture

El Paso Zoo

Visit El Paso's zoo, schedule a field trip or plan your event, become a member, and learn about the different animals.

(915) 212-0966


Get information on non-stop flights from the El Paso International Airport, passenger services, air cargo, and general aviation services. and more.

(915) 212-0330

International Bridges

Learn about E-Fast pass, live traffic cameras, parking meters and wait times in any of the three region's international ports of entry.

(915) 212-7500

Museum of Archaeology

Visit the Museum of Archeology and learn about any events, exhibits, and other resources.

(915) 212-0421

Museum of Art

Explore El Paso's art collections, become a member, and schedule your next visit to exhibits, events, and classes.

(915) 212-0300

Museum of History

Visit El Paso's museum of bi-national history, its exhibitions, learn about their workshops, & other events.

(915) 212-0320

Museums & Cultural Affairs

Become a volunteer, participate in the farmers market, stay up to date with museum events and artists opportunities and funding.

(915) 212-0110

Visit El Paso

Find information on travel, local events, hotels, restaurants, attractions, convention services and more.

(915) 534-0601

Education, Housing & Growth

Capital Improvement Department

Learn more about El Paso’s Capital Improvement Department investments in public infrastructure for residents and visitors can enjoy.

(915) 212-0065

Community & Human Development

Find out about affordable housing, homeless prevention, neighborhood improvement, senior volunteer opportunities, and small business assistance.

(915) 212-0138

Economic & International Development

Learn how El Paso has become the largest metro area along the Texas-Mexico border which boasts a best-in-class, business friendly operating environment while also offering a great living experience.

(915) 212-0094


Get familiar with library services, how to use them, attend events, and locate the closest to you.

(915) 212-3207

Public Health

Learn about programs that include from immunizations to inspections of food establishments to pediatric dental services.

(915) 212-6502

Veteran and Military Affairs

Learn about the many helpful resources and services made available to veterans and their families.

(915) 212-1654

Public Services

Animal Services

Learn more about shelter services and events including adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate.

(915) 212-PAWS

Environmental Services

Garbage and curbside recycling collections, landfill operations, air quality monitoring, vector control, and code compliance enforcement among other services to help keep our community clean and beautiful.

(915) 212-6000

Municipal Courts

Locate court forms, defendant rights, citations and other jury services.

(915) 212-0215

Office of Accessibility & ADA

Familiarize with accessibility resources, file a complaint or learn more about ADA.

(915) 212-0065

Parks & Recreation

Find resources and centers for the City's parks, recreation centers, aquatics, and sports events.

(915) 212-0092

Planning & Inspections

Apply for permits and licenses for your business, events and constructions. Find services for your business, learn about inspections, safety and events.

(915) 212-0104

Sun Metro

Plan your ride on the city's public transportation, learn the fares, how to use the brio bus, Sun Metro bus, Sun Metro's para-transit service, and the streetcar.

(915) 212-3333

Tax Office

Find your account information to pay your taxes and learn more about the City's tax office top services.

(915) 212-0106

Internal Services

City Attorney

Legal services that support the City Council, City Manager, and City staff in fulfilling their missions and implementing policy set by Council.

(915) 212-0033

City Clerk

Provides access to City Council meetings, governmental records, and election services to the El Paso Community so they can participate in city government.

(915) 212-0049

Communications & Public Affairs

Provides integrated communication strategies that support the City of El Paso departments and programs.

(915) 212-1061

Human Resources

Provides policy direction on management issues and administrative support to city departments. The department develops, implements and manages the recruitment and selection of permanent and temporary city employees.

(915) 212-0045

Information Technology

Learn about the different IT divisions and current projects. Access all of El Paso's maps to identify bike lanes, community gardens, areas for free wifi, and more.

(915) 212-0072

Internal Auditor

Assists the management team of the City of El Paso accomplish its objectives to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

(915) 212-0069

Office of Management & Budget

Chime in to let leadership know your suggestions on city budget and learn more about tax rate info and access quarterly reports.

(915) 212-1092

Office of the Comptroller

Find information on the City's grants, treasury, fiscal operations, policies, and reports.

(915) 212-0040

Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing

Find out how to do business with the City through the e-Marketplace, stay up-to-date with purchasing expos, and more.

(915) 212-0043