City Attorney

Filing a Claim

You can file a claim against the city by mailing/emailing a letter to the Office of the Mayor, and by providing the information detailed in Chapter 3.28 Claims Against the City in writing depending on what type of claim you are making. Keep in mind under the El Paso City Charter Section 1.5 Application for Remedy Prerequisite to Suit Against the City that no suit shall be instituted against the City unless the claimant shall aver and prove that, previous to filing the original petition, the claim was presented to the Council and the Council failed either to grant or act upon the claim in a timely fashion. This provision shall not apply in instances in which injunction or any other of the extraordinary writs are sought. The address to mail the letter is:

Office of the Mayor
P.O. Box 1890
El Paso, Texas, 79950

Or by email [email protected]. If you need assistance please contact our office.

Items required to send a letter:

  1. Three property damage estimates,
  2. Photographs of damage, if any,
  3. Accident report, if available,
  4. Photocopy of Certificate of Title of damaged vehicle,
  5. Photocopy of medical bills, if any, and
  6. Doctor’s narrative.

Municipal Code, Chapter 3.28 Claims

Be sure to include which section your claim pertains to in Chapter 3.28 Claims Against the City:

3.28.010 Property damage and personal injury suits--Notification--Information required: For property damage and personal injury the city shall not be liable to any person for injuries suffered to his/her person or the person of another unless the injured person, or someone on his/her behalf, shall within 90 days or within 6 months for good cause shown from the date the damage occurred or the injury was received, give notice in writing to the mayor of the following facts:

  1. The date and time when the damage or injury occurred and the place where the damage occurred or where the injured person was at the time the injury was received;
  2. The nature and extent of the damage or injury together with a specific and detailed statement of how and under what circumstances the injury occurred;
  3. The names of all the persons who according to the knowledge or information of the claimant witnessed the happening of the damage or of the injury or any part thereof and the name of the doctors, if any, to whose care the injured person is committed.

3.28.020 Wrongful death suits--Notification--Information required. The city shall not be liable for damages for wrongful death unless the person, or one of the persons, entitled to recover such damages shall, within 90 days or within 6 months for good cause shown from the date of the injury or accident causing such death, give notice to the mayor substantially as required by Section 3.28.010 in personal injury cases; or unless the person who was injured and died as a result thereof, or someone for him, had given the notice required by Section 3.28.010.

3.28.030 Property damage, personal injury suits, and wrongful death suits notification--Swearing to notice required.
The written notice and statement required under Sections 3.28.010 and 3.28.020 shall be sworn to by the person claiming damages or by someone authorized by him to do so on his behalf.