Internship Opportunities

Kickstart your career with an internship opportunity at the City of El Paso! You can expect to build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication. Gain valuable experience in one of our over 30 departments and will advance their leadership and professional skills through challenging work projects.

An internship with the City of El Paso benefits you with:

  • Hands-on Experience: Gain practical, real-world experience in various departments and fields within the city government.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with city officials, industry professionals, and fellow interns to build a valuable professional network.
  • Resume Building: Strengthen your resume with impressive, relevant experience that stands out to future employers.
  • Academic Credit: Potential to earn academic credit for your internship experience, depending on your institution’s policies.
  • Exposure to Public Service: Learn the inner workings of local government and explore potential careers in public service.
  • Leadership Development: Opportunities to lead projects and initiatives, developing leadership and project management skills.
  • Flexible Work Environment: Internships that can accommodate your academic schedule, allowing for a balance between work and study.
  • Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive edge in the job market by demonstrating your commitment to professional growth and community service.

Minimum Requirements

Types of internships and qualifications:

Undergraduate Internship

Must be currently enrolled in a college or university degree program related to the requesting department.

Individuals who have taken college courses but are currently taking time off from school are ineligible.

Graduate Internship

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree and must be currently enrolled in a graduate program in a field closely related to the requesting department.

Individuals who have taken college courses but are currently taking time off from school are ineligible.

Student Internship

Candidate must have a High School Diploma/GED.

Unpaid Internship

High School Diploma or GED. Must be currently enrolled in a college or university degree program related to the requesting department.


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How long will an internship last?

Internships can range in duration from a few months to a full school year depending on student academic requirements and project scope.

Can internships lead to a full-time job?

Yes, internships may serve as a pathway to full-time employment.

Does The City of El Paso offer paid internships?

Yes, we The City of El Paso offers both paid and unpaid internships depending on department funding and position availability. Unpaid internships typically provide course credit.

Why should I intern with The City of El Paso?

A City of El Paso internship provides valuable hands-on and real-world experience, allows students to explore career paths and professional interests, learn new skills, fulfill college requirements, and build professional networks.

When should I start planning for an internship?

It's recommended to begin planning for an internship at least one semester before you would like to begin the internship.

What should I include in my internship application?

Be prepared to provide your current college transcript, high school diploma, and resume.

Does the City allow international students to participate in the internship program?

Yes, international paid internship applicants should show proof  of eligibility to work in the U.S. No proof of work eligibility documentation is needed for unpaid internship applicants.

Can I receive course credit through my school as part of my internship?

Yes, however, this should be determined by your academic institution. Please be sure to communicate this on your internship application in order for the City to assist you with your school's requirements.

When do internships usually start?

Internship start and end dates are flexible depending on academic institution requirements and City of El Paso department needs.

What are the work hours for interns?

Work hours are decided by the departments and with the student's schedule taken into consideration. Each intern may have a different work schedule depending on their availability and the department's needs.

City Departments

The city has many departments with varying internship or volunteer opportunities.

Safety & Maintenance

Safety & Maintenance

Interns can engage in a variety of public safety and infrastructure maintenance roles. The Fire Department offers hands-on experience in fire prevention, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials management. The Police Department provides opportunities to assist with crime prevention and community services. The Streets & Maintenance Department focuses on street infrastructure maintenance, traffic engineering, and fleet management, giving interns a broad view of urban maintenance and public safety operations​.

Fire Department
Police Department
Streets & Maintenance

Travel, Tourism & Culture

Travel, Tourism & Culture

Interns within Travel, Tourism & Culture have the chance to promote El Paso's rich cultural heritage and tourism. Interns can work on event planning, marketing campaigns, museum exhibits, and recreational programs. This experience will provide insights into cultural promotion, tourism management, and community engagement, enhancing El Paso's appeal as a vibrant destination.

El Paso Zoo
El Paso International Airport
International Bridges
Museums & Cultural Affairs
Museum of Archaeology
Museum of Art
Museum of History

Education, Housing & Growth

Education, Housing & Growth

Engage in projects related to urban development, community services, economic initiatives, educational programming, and public health. Opportunities include working on city infrastructure projects, civic engagement, business support, library services, and health education and prevention programs, offering a comprehensive understanding of urban planning and community well-being.

Capital Improvement Department
Community & Human Development
Economic Development
Public Health

Public Services

Public Services

Work across a variety of departments dedicated to serving the public. Roles include assisting with animal care and control, environmental sustainability projects, legal and court procedures, recreational program planning, urban planning and building inspections, public transportation management, and tax administration. This diverse experience provides a broad understanding of public service operations and community engagemen.

Animal Services
Environmental Services
Municipal Courts
Parks & Recreation
Planning & Inspections
Sun Metro
Tax Office

Internal Services

Internal Services

Support the critical internal functions that keep the city running smoothly. Opportunities include assisting with legal research and documentation, public records management, media relations, employee recruitment and training, IT support and development, financial auditing, budget planning, financial management, and procurement processes. These roles provide a comprehensive understanding of the administrative and operational backbone of city governance.

City Attorney
City Clerk
Communications & Public Affairs
Human Resources
Information Technology
Internal Auditor
Office of Management & Budget
Office of the Comptroller
Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing