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10th Traffic Fatality

El Paso Police - Feb 18, 2024

On February 17th, 2024 Special Traffic Investigators responded to vehicle collision at the 7700 block of Gateway East and the 1200 block of Giles involving 3 vehicles.

10th Traffic Fatality.docx

9th Traffic Fatality

El Paso Police - Feb 14, 2024

On February 4th, police responded to the 2100 block of Zaragoza to investigate a three-vehicle crash...

24035121 Fatal 9th

Woman Arrested for City’s 8th Traffic Fatality

El Paso Police - Feb 13, 2024

The Special Traffic Investigations unit continues to investigate a fatal crash that occurred early Sunday morning...

24042011 Fatal 8th 8500 Dyer

24042011 Nadean Lily Lopez

Man Posing As Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault

El Paso Police - Feb 9, 2024

On February 5, 2024, Villarreal was arrested for sexual assault when a second victim came forward after seeing the scheme he was arrested for in January...

Update Man Posing As Doctor Charged With Sexual Assault

24031045 Villarreal Tito

Assault on Peace Officer

El Paso Police - Feb 8, 2024

On February 6th, 2024 an officer was assaulted during the booking process of Devorise Antoine Newson at the El Paso County Detention Facility.

Assault on Peace Officer

Devorise Antoine Newson

7th Fatality of the Year

El Paso Police - Feb 7, 2024

This past Sunday, the Special Traffic Investigations unit was called to assist in investigating a car crash involving a motorcycle...

24 035108 Fatal 7 10300 Alcan

Woman Arrested In Saturday’s Shooting

El Paso Police - Feb 5, 2024

On Saturday at approximately 2:14 AM, police responded to 1441 N. Zaragoza for a shooting

24 034017 1441 N. Zaragoza Agg Assault

February’s Traffic Focus

El Paso Police - Feb 5, 2024

The El Paso Police Department’s Traffic Unit and Safe Communities of the Special Services Division have issued their monthly traffic focus.

Feb Traffic Focus

Officer Arrested for Theft

El Paso Police - Feb 1, 2024

The El Paso Police Department is giving notice of the arrest of Ofc. Ruben Morales, a 2-year-veteran of the department.

Officer Arrested for Theft

Ruben Morales

Man Arrested in Westside Shooting

El Paso Police - Jan 31, 2024

On Monday morning, around 9:48 A.M., police responded to a call of a man who was shooting a rifle outside of a neighborhood located in the 7800 block of Enchanted Ridge...

24029054 Agg Assault DW 7800 Enchanted Ridge

24 029054 Guerrero Raymundo Jr.

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