The City Attorney's Office provides timely, cost-efficient, quality legal services to support the City Council, City Manager, and City staff in fulfilling their missions and implementing policy set by Council; and to advance, advocate, and safeguard the interests of the City in accordance with applicable law.

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Core Services

Advise City officials and departments on a wide range of legal issues

Research and provide advice, opinions and recommendations on legal issues that come before the City.
  • Draft municipal ordinances, resolutions, and agreements.
  • Provide advice to City boards, committees, commissions, and City Council Legislative Review Committees.
  • Advise Mayor, City Council, City Manager and other City officials of pending legislation and assist in drafting proposals for legislation in areas of concern to the City of El Paso.
  • Provide legal advice on state and federal grants.
  • Process claims on behalf of the City and against the City.