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Facilities and Fleet Maintenance Division of Streets and Maintenance provides a broad array of services to other City departments. The division has one hundred thirty employees and oversees an operating budget in excess of $30,000,000. From maintaining over 180 buildings to repairing over 2,500 vehicles, Facilities and Fleet Maintenance works hard to ensure that City operations continue without interruption and services can continuously be provided to our community.

Our division has made many improvements to improve our resiliency and reduce our energy use. During 2012, we reduced energy consumption in City facilities and achieved a measured cost avoidance totaling $1,668,016. Facilities and Fleet Maintenance also relamped 7,200 streetlights from conventional lighting to LED, reducing energy consumption by 60% per light fixture. In addition, our Records Management division continues to mitigate risk by ensuring offsite storage and backing-up essential records for the continuity of operations during any disruption or disaster.


What's New?

El Paso Recognized as one of the “Top 100 Fleets in North America”

Facilities/Fleet Maintenance’ Fleet Division was recognized for having one of the “Top 100 Fleets in North America” because of their innovative cost-saving and quality-enhancing programs, such as the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Program, the shared maintenance service agreement with neighboring government agencies, and their Alternative Fuel Vehicles Program.