I'm honored to represent District 8 on the El Paso City Council. As your Council Member, I'm advocating for what's important to you and our beloved community. My top priority is to maintain a healthy line of communication between the District 8 office and the citizens of El Paso. I am committed to the values and ideals I highlighted in my platform, which include fiscal responsibility, job creation and retention, the environment, sustainable housing, transparency, and last but not least education.

The District 8 team circulates a weekly newsletter which is one way we hope to create an open dialogue between you the constituent and the El Paso City Council. The most important component in city government is you, and we welcome your ideas, questions and feedback as well as requests to receive the newsletter - please feel free to email me at district8@elpasotexas.gov

City Representative Cortney Niland
City of El Paso
300 N. Campbell
El Paso, Texas 79901