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Eastside Master Plan

The Eastside Master Plan will assist the City of El Paso in analyzing how growth patterns in East El Paso are affecting the demand for multiple new  municipal city services, such as parks, police and fire stations, recreation facilities, thoroughfares, and other infrastructure within the study area. It will also provide the tools and key policies needed for managing growth and development throughout East El Paso.

Through this analysis, the City will be able to determine whether there are adequate public facilities for not only the existing population, but what the future demand will be if population growth trend continues for East El Paso. From this analysis, the City will be able to provide a financial forecast for the construction of additional City facilities and/or implementing new City services in this area of El Paso.

The plan is being developed with public input, which was obtained through a City survey and at three community meetings which were hosted in November of 2018. With the input obtained from the from the community, the City is creating a comprehensive plan that the whole community will benefit from. 

Based on these findings of the analysis, the City will be able to create new implementation strategies that will help ensure that future City developments in East El Paso are created, designed and built in a cost effective and timely fashion according to its populations needs.  It will also help ensure that future infrastructure growth is managed in such a way as to not create a long-term operations and maintenance burden on the City and its taxpayers. The goal is to have the analysis completed and implemented by the Fall of 2021.

This project is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance the quality of life for residents visitors and businesses.  

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If you have any comments or suggestions related to the Eastside Master Plan Study, please reach out to Alex Hoffman at 915-212-0065, or utilize the comment form below.

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