Capital Improvement Department

General Conditions

General Conditions of Construction Contract & Bid Documents

In a continuing effort to streamline construction contract timelines and close-out requirements for City projects managed by the Engineering Department, please be advised that as of February, 2009 the following changes will be implemented in the execution of all new construction contracts:

Contract Time & Remaining Work Guidelines

Contract Time means the number of consecutive calendar days specified in the contract immediately after the date to commence work issued by Engineering in the Notice to proceed and includes both the time allowed for completion of the work required to achieve Substantial Completion and the time allowed to complete the remaining work.

Remaining Work means the work required by the Contract but not required for Substantial Completion that the City Engineer determines has not been satisfactorily completed at the time of Substantial Completion and all maintenance and operating instructions, schedules, guarantees, warranties, bonds, certificates of inspection, marked-up record documents and other documents as required by the Contract. Remaining Work may also be referred to as “Punch List” work.

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