Recycle Right El Paso

What To Recycle

Recyclables should not contain food residue. Please rinse.

Paper Paper

Place loosely in blue recycling bin. Do not bag

Plastic Items Plastic

Rinse and place loosely in blue recycling bin. Do not bag


Cardboard Cardboard

Do Not Bag.

Aluminum Aluminum/Tin

Metal, rinsed and free of food or liquid residue. Do not bag.


Not Accepted

-coming soon-

  Gray Garbage Bin
Citizen Collection Station
Landfill Charity
Aerosol Cans
(Cleaners/Air Fresheners/Spray Paint)
- Usable 
 Aerosol Cans
(Cleaners/Air Fresheners/Spray Paint)
- Empty
 Anti-Freeze    X    
 Appliances    X    
 Auto Batteries - Residential Only    X    
 Batteries    X  X  
 Books - Paperback & Hardback
 Carpets & Carpet Pads      X  
 Charcoal Lighter    X    
 Cleaning Fluids    X    
 Clothing/Shoes (Not Reusable)  X  X  X  
 Clothing/Shoes (Reusable)        X
 Construction Material      X  
 Cooking Oil (Used)    X    
 Degreasers    X    
 Diapers  X  X  X  
 Drain Cleaners    X    
 Electronics    X    
 Fluorescent Light Bulbs    X    
 Food & Food Contaminated Products   X   X  X  
 Furniture (Not Reusable)    X  X  
 Furniture (Reusable)        X
 Furniture Polish    X    
 Glass  X  X  X  
 Oil & Filters (Used) - Residential Only    X    
 Paint    X    
 Paper Towels/Napkins/Facial Tissue  X  X  X  
 Pesticides & Other Household Chemicals    X    
 Plastic Bags  X      
 Pool Chemicals    X    
 Pool Tarps/Covers  X  X  X  
 Rust Removers    X