Wage Theft Ordinance

The City of El Paso Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department would like to invite business owners and the entire El Paso community to several upcoming meetings regarding the newly created wage theft ordinance and a possible amendment to follow.  

The El Paso City Council adopted an ordinance on June 16, 2015, in which the City may not award a City contract to business owners with a wage theft adjudication record. An amendment to this ordinance may be considered in the coming months that will allow the City to place sanctions against employers who have a record of wage theft adjudication. The sanctions that would be considered would affect a business owner’s ability to keep or obtain certain city licenses or permits.  

These meetings will inform business owners about the proposed changes and obtain their feedback on the possible amendment. 


Help us understand our business community's concerns regarding Wage Theft



For information please see the presentation and view the video.