About eProcurement

Welcome to the City of El Paso e-Marketplace

The e-Marketplace is designed to change the paradigm of how you do business with the City. The e-market place was developed within the framework of increasing transparency and reducing the amount of paperwork (paper friendly to paperless) required for doing business with the City.

We continually seek vendors, suppliers, and contractors who can provide quality products and services at competitive prices. The Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Department uses competitive bidding procedures to select vendors, and encourages vendor participation in our bidding activities. See the Solicitations link for a list of items that we currently have out to bid. Bid Packages can be downloaded directly from our web site.

This web site includes many features to assist you in doing business with the City of El Paso.
We encourage you to sign up to receive our bidMail service, which automatically sends a listing of solicitations to your inbox every week! Bids and all amendments can be downloaded from our “Solicitations” page. All that is required is that you visit the “Sign Up and Sign In” page to sign up for this service. Once you sign up, an account will be created for you, so there is no need to sign up every time you visit this site, just sign in. The “Conference and Meetings” page will list any pre-bid or other related meetings for a solicitation. A complete listing of bid tabs is available for download on the “Bid Tabs” Page. The “Forms” page contains a vendor set up form (please note that it is not a requirement to be on the City's vendor list to submit a bid). The “Policies”, “FAQ’s” (frequently asked questions) and “Glossary” pages also contain valuable information for vendors.

We hope that you find this website as a helpful tool to assist you in doing business with the City of El Paso.


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