COIN - Access and Functional Needs Resources


This page contains additional information about specific populations, planning guides, and /or response resources. Links to resources outside of El Paso Department of Public Health website are provided for information only. Their inclusion does not constitute endorsements by the department. The department is not responsible for content on any links website. All attempts have been made to link to reliable sources, but sites and URLs are subject to change or have technical malfunctions without warning.

Children and Families

  • Safe and Well provides you and your loved ones an opportunity to list their status or check the status of others after a disaster.
  • CDC: Helping Children Cope with a Disaster: Children often become distressed after a disaster, especially if it has directly affected them or others they care about. They may also feel sad or sorry for others and want very much to help them. Worries that something similar will happen to them o their family may lead them to ask many questions so that they can better understand what has happened and therefore what they can do to protect themselves and their family. Parents and other adults who care for children can do a lot to help them understand and cope.
  • Kids Get a Plan: Interactive website where students have the opportunity to learn about disaster preparedness. The site features grade level activities, stories, and games. 
  • READY.Gov: Provides resources for families to assist in preparing a family emergency plan. The site includes forms for developing a family communications plan, a children’s emergency contact card and more. The site contains information for families on working with child and day care centers in planning for emergencies and a special section for children to help them understand and prepare for emergencies. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • American Academy of Pediatric Healthy Children: The Getting Your Family Prepared for a Disaster webpage provides information to assist parents. 

Elderly Populations

  • Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults: Understanding the needs of older adults is essential in order to appropriately plan for issues before an emergency event. This portal provides links to information, tools, and resources to assist in multi-sector planning for older adults in all-hazard emergencies.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Build a Kit with a certified deaf interpreter (CDI) and open cation with (CDI).

Make a Plan with certified deaf interpreter (CDI) and open caption with (CDI).