Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is spread through contact with infected blood. Many people with HCV will carry the virus for many years with few to no symptoms It can cause cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), liver cancer and death.

For some people, hepatitis C is a short-term illness but for 70%-85% of people who become infected with hepatitis C, it can become a long-term, chronic infection. The majority of infected persons might not be aware of their infection because they are not physically ill. Most symptoms appear once liver damage has occurred. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is now curable and no longer needs to be a lifelong illness. PROVIDER PAGE (CLICK HERE)

Where to Access a Free Hepatitis C test?

  • (915) 212-6665
  • 701 Montana Avenue
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am- 11:00 and 1:00 pm to 4:30 (no appointment necessary)


  • Test and screen individuals for Hepatitis C (All services are confidential)
  • Link and refer to treatment
  • Provide information and educational materials
  • Referrals  and Support

How is HEPATITIS C transmitted?

  • Sharing injection drug equipment, even once many years ago
  • Receiving blood transfusion before 1992
  • Occupational needle-stick
  • Long term hemodialysis
  • Infected mother to her infant
  • Sexual transmission (not common, however, some sexual practices may involve blood)

Who should be tested for HEPATITIS C?

  • All Baby Boomers born from 1945-1965
  • Anyone who had a blood transfusion before 1992
  • People who have injected drugs at least once in their lifetime
  • Persons living with hepatitis B or HIV/AIDS
  • Persons who were ever on long-term hemodialysis

If you have hepatitis C:

  • Avoid sharing needles for injecting drugs, tattooing, piercing or any other reason
  • Do not share razors, toothbrushes or nail clippers
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and hepatitis B
  • Get regular health check-ups
  • Use a latex condom when having sex
  • Discuss treatment options with your health care provider
  • GET TESTED and know your STATUS