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Victim Services

The VSRT mission statement is to provide immediate, efficient, and compassionate service to crime victims in an effort to mitigate the damage done by criminals. To provide assistance to victims, including benefits such as, Texas Crime Victims Compensation and referral to local community agencies.

History of VSRT

The El Paso Police Department views Family Violence as a serious crime and takes a proactive stance to safe-guard victim’s rights. The Victims Services Response Team, known as VSRT, was initiated in 1995. The program’s goals are to provide assistance and valuable information about domestic violence, assault, sexual assault, or any other type of victimization, and to form a collaboration with other agencies to address issues related to these types of victimizations while increasing officer training and public awareness throughout the community. A VSRT representative is available at each EPPD Regional Command Center, and at Headquarters. A police officer has been assigned to Headquarters to ensure victim’s rights continue to be safeguarded.

How Can VSRT Help You?

VSRT provides assistance to victims of crime by explaining the application process for Protection Orders, referrals to appropriate agencies to ensure that victim’s needs are met, acts as a liaison between the victim and the law enforcement/criminal justice system to ensure proper response to help the safeguard the victim’s rights, and assists with the application for the Texas Crime Victim’s Compensation Program.

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Safety Plan During An Incident

If an argument seems unavoidable, try to have it in a room or area that has access to an exit and not in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere near weapons.

Practice how to get out of your home safely. Identify which doors, windows, elevator, or stairwell would be best.

Have a packed bag ready and keep it in a hidden place.

Identify a neighbor you can call about the violence and ask that they call the police if they hear a disturbance coming from your home.

Devise a code word to use with your children, family, friends, and neighbors when you need to have them call the police.

Devise a plan of where you will go if you have to leave home (even if you don’t think you will need to).

Use good judgment and trust your instincts. If the situation is very dangerous, consider giving the abuser what he/she wants to calm him/her down. You have the right to protect yourself until you are out of danger.

Create a Safety Plan

Victim Services Response Team

Headquarters 915-212-4011
Central 915-212-4606
Mission Valley 915-212-8376
Northeast 915-212-8198
Pebble Hills 915-212-4665
Westside 915-212-8510