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abandoned auto

Abandoned Vehicle

Report a Motor Vehicle that has been left Abandoned for longer than 5 days. Motor Vehicles can be a Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Moped.


Accident Report

To call in a report, the accident must have occurred within the last 10 days, under $1000 in damage, and no injuries. To report an accident Telephone reporting is only available.

auto inspection

Auto Inspection Request

Request vehicle Identification and 68-A inspections.

child custody

Child Custody Interference

Taking or retaining of a child that violates a judgment or order.

civil problem

Civil Problem

Dispute between citizens that needs to be settled and reported.

code watch

Code Watch

Request for extra patrol of a person's home when someone is experiencing suspicious activity or going out of town.


Graffiti Complaint

Removal of graffiti from public and private properties.

Removal Request

id theft

Identity Theft

Obtaining of someone else's personal identifying information and using it to obtain credit, goods or services.


Illegal Dumping

Dumping of waste illegally instead of using an authorized method such as curbside pickup or collection station.

lost property

Lost Property

Report missing or lost property.

suspicious circumstances

Suspicious Circumstance

Unusual behavior or activity that is out of place.



Property taken belonging to another without the owner’s permission.

theft service

Theft of Service

A person obtains a service without rendering proper payment for that service.



Someone has entered private property without permission.



Deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

Non-Online Forms

Form 15-10003 Crash Report Request Form