Police Department


Can I report a Hit and Run Accident online?

Unfortunately, you cannot report a hit and run incident online. You should report hit and run accidents on the telephone at (915) 832-4436 within the first 10 days after they occur.

What to do if I don’t see the type of report that I need to file?

Please call the Non-Emergency line at (915) 832-4400, or proceed to your closest police station to report the incident.

What information is needed in the report?

These facts are needed to gather the Victim information, Location, Items, Time, and summary of the elements of the offense. During the review process, if there is a question regarding a report that was submitted, an EPPD employee will contact the person who submitted the report via email for more information.

What do I do once the report is submitted?

Please wait for an email response in the next few days; which will provide the case number for the report, or will provide further instructions should the information not meet the qualifications for an online report.

What do I do once I receive a case number?

The emailed response will also provide instructions on how to request a copy of a report.  If you need to follow up with an investigator, you may contact the Regional Command Center in your area for more information.

What if I submitted my report and forgot to add something?

You will receive the case number via the email that was you used to submit the report.  Should you need to add more information, and you have not yet been in contact with an investigator, you may Reply to the email to provide the supplemental information. If a detective or other EPPD investigator has contacted you about your report, please provide the additional information directly to them.

What if I have submitted my report and I still have questions that need to be answered?

You may contact the Records Division at (915) 212-4267 to inquire the status of the report request, or for information on obtaining a copy of the report.  You should direct any questions regarding the investigation the detective assigned to the case.

Can I file a report on an incident that took place in El Paso County, but not the City of El Paso?

No; although the incident took place within the County limits, Only reports that occurred within the City limits can be filed with the El Paso Police Department.

Can I file a report for an incident outside of the City of El Paso limits?

Only if you are reporting an incident involving Identity Theft.  The report will be filed for documentation purposes, and you will still need to contact the law enforcement agency where your identity is being used, for possible investigation.  EPPD will not investigate.

How can I get a copy of my police report?

Once your report has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email message providing you with a case number, and instructions on how to obtain a copy of the report.

Why was the report I submitted online rejected?

The information submitted did not meet certain requirements.  The submitter will receive an email informing them of the reason.  A few reasons reports made online can be rejected are: