Police Department

Convenience Store Regulation

Convenience Store Ordinance Registration

The Convenience Store Regulation (also referred to as the Convenience Store Ordinance) has established requirements that will aid the El Paso Police Department to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of El Paso by reducing the occurrence of crime, preventing the escalation of crime and increasing successful prosecution of crime that occurs in convenience stores within the city limits. Registration of the convenience store will allow El Paso Police to enter the property to notify non-authorized persons to leave the property or face possible arrest.

Convenience stores must print, complete, and save the following forms and then register through the Citizen Access Portal where the forms will be uploaded. For assistance using the Portal please see the Citizen Access Portal Guide. Alternatively, you may bring these forms to the One Stop Shop for in-person registration.

Registration Form
Complete this form to begin the process of obtaining a valid certificate of registration and compliance decal for a convenience store. All information requested on this form is required as per ordinance.

Criminal Trespass Affidavit
Authorizes the El Paso Police Department to enter the property at said location to enforce the criminal trespass statute section of the Texas Penal Code, against any person who is not authorized to be on said property.

Prosecution Statement Form (must be notarized)
Government public record acknowledging that the City of El Paso, the El Paso Police Department, its officers and employees are not responsible criminally or civilly for acting on your behalf based on this agreement.

Authorization List
List of individuals who are authorized to be on the listed property.

After registering, convenience store employees will need to complete a mandatory online training through epLearners.com. Please see the epLearners guide for assistance registering for the course.