Welcome to the El Paso Police Department's on-line Abandoned Auto reporting system!

This form should be used for: The Reporting of any Motor Vehicle that has been left Abandoned for longer than 5 days. Motor Vehicles can be a Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Moped.

If you have questions of a non-emergency nature, please call (915) 832-4400. Please complete this form as accurately and completely as possible. This will help us to review your report for assignment. Whenever you only have partial information, please give us whatever you have!

If you need to report more than one Abandoned Auto location please create a separate submission.

Reports can also submitted by phone, through the Abandoned Auto/MVSF Program, under (915) 212-4631.

Thank you.


Note: Your contact information will only be used for questions about this report
Vehicle Description/Narrative Statement

Abandoned Auto Reporting Vin Inspection Appointment