Police Department

Code Watch

A Code Watch is an extra patrol of a person's home, usually done for two reasons, when someone is experiencing suspicious activity or going out of town. If a resident is going out of town, they can call the Regional Command in their area and give the call taker information such as when they are leaving and returning/cars left in the driveway/lights left on/pets/emergency key holder etc. Information regarding all of the code watch requests will be provided to patrol officers in order for the officers to be able to drive by as many of the homes as possible on their down time. If they see something suspicious they would take action or call the key holder. This is not an inspection, it is an outer perimeter check of a home for any suspicious activity while the resident is gone for an extended period of time.

Another type of Code watch is when a person is experiencing suspicious activity (peeping tom, or upset ex, vandalism, thefts etc) while they are home. In this case, the officers go by on their down time and do a check of the home (light it up with spot light, an outer perimeter on foot, or make contact with whoever is home to check on them). Anybody can call this in to the Regional Command and speak to the desk officer. At which time, they will be asked for the address/times they are having the activity/ and what kind of activity. The information is put out to officers on e-mail.

Request a Code Watch