The Subdivision section of Planning and Inspections is responsible for the review of projects that include land divisions, right-of-way vacations/dedications, easement vacations/dedications, addressing, and street name changes. Subdivision review regulates the division of land to ensure compliance with applicable state and City of El Paso laws and regulations and ensures that development is orderly, efficient and coordinated within City limits and within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. 


For more information on the different types of Subdivision development reviews, contact the “One Stop Shop” at (915) 212-0104 or contact 311. 

Application Process

• Application Submittal

  1. Platting determination

  2. Five-day

  3. Preliminary plat

  4. Final plat

  5. Plat application approval/denial

  6. Installation of Subdivision Improvements

  7. Pre-cloth/Pre-mylar

  8. Recording documents

  9. Recording fee and park fee

  10. Recorded documents submittal

  11. Certificate of compliance issuance

5-Day Process

  • Application submittal*
    • Assign to Planner
    • Distribute to reviewing departments
  • Department comments collected and Planner provides to applicant by 5th business day
  • Applicant to address 5-day comment and submit application within 45 calendar days of 5-day submittal in order to avoid completeness review expiration

* Submit 9 sets of plat and completed subdivision application form (signature not necessary)

Public ROW/Easement Vacation Process

    • Application submittal
            o   Assigned to Planner
            o   Distribute to reviewing departments
            o   City Plan Commission (CPC) date determined
            o   Notices sent to surrounding property owners & newspaper at least 10 days prior to hearing date
            o   Staff report prepared and updated as comments are received

  • CPC hearing
  • If application is recommended for approval or if a denial is appealed, Planner requests appraisal from Real Estate*
  • Planner drafts Ordinance/quitclaim or Resolution/deed for legal review
  • Planning forwards appraisal to applicant for their records and payment*
  • Applicant pays appraisal fee and appraised value or $25.00 if vacating a public easement
  • Planner places item on the City Council agenda and the item is heard

*Not applicable on easement vacation application