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Infill Development Standards

On May 30, 2017, City Council adopted an Ordinance amending the Infill Development section of Title 20, Section 20.10.280. The amendment adds new location and design criteria for Infill Special Permits. It also includes new regulations and standards that govern how they are reviewed.

The City of El Paso defines Infill Development as “any development activity, including but not limited to new construction, renovation, addition, rehabilitation or redevelopment, associated with vacant or underutilized parcels within existing, largely developed urban areas”.


Why would a Special Permit for Infill Development be Necessary?

A Special Permit for Infill Development meeting the location and design requirements can be applied for in order to modify the following Zoning regulations for a proposed development:

A. Setback Requirements
Setbacks of the base zoning district may be reduced by up to 100%

B. Parking
Parking requirements shall be automatically reduced by 50% and may be requested to be reduced by up to 100%

C. Building Height
Maximum building height can be increased by up to a 1:1 height street to ratio

D. Landscaping
Comply with Title 18.46

E. Density
Maximum density can be increased up to 50% above the base zoning

F. Lot Dimensions
There are no minimum lot dimensions

G. Use
May be approved for any use allowed in the zoning district

Use the 3-D Maps below.


Specific requirements within Section 20.10.280 can be found within the approved Ordinance and an Infill Checklist assist in understanding if your project meets the requirements. There is also a Policy Guide to supplement the Ordinance and provide additional clarification and visualization of the code requirements as well as reference material found in the Ordinance.

What do the new requirements include?

The new requirements for Infill Development pertain to the following items:


Applications for Infill Development may be solely to provide for modifications to Zoning requirements, Economic Development incentives only, or for both. Contact our Economic Development Department to find out if your project is eligible.

Economic Development

The purpose of the City’s Infill Development Incentive Policy is to provide financial incentives to develop vacant and underutilized properties within the City limits, in accordance with the standards established within Title 20. The City recognizes there may be physical and monetary challenges to developing such parcels and as such, have provided financial incentives to make it economically-feasible to do so. As an additional source of financing to assist in funding a project, the City not only seeks to develop vacant and underutilized lots, but also to promote high-quality development. To be eligible, projects must meet the ‘Eligibility Criteria’ section of the Infill Development Incentive Program Policy.

Please contact Stephanie Santiago, 915-212-1633, for more information regarding Economic Development and the Infill Development Incentive Program.