Parks & Recreation

After School Program

The program fee is $5 per week per child at select public school sites; payable at any Recreation or Senior Center with the ages being 5-12. The program is from school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. weekdays. Special Thanks to the Braden Aboud Foundation for their generous support over the years. . A nutritious evening meal is every child. 

Each school location has a limit of 50 registered and paid children before being at full capacity and no further registration will be allowed for that site. Once the After School Program starts there is a $5 fee per week per child between the ages of 5-12 with payments accepted only at Parks and Recreation facilities for either multiple weeks or week by week.  

Each after school site is on a first paid basis and is limited to only 50 participants and children must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. The After School Program elementary school locations are listed below and for more information call (915) 212-0393

After School Program, ($5 per Child at select Public School Sites only)

Location   Address District
Coldwell (EPISD) 4101 Altura Ave. 2
Cooley (EPISD) 107 N. Collingsworth St. 3
Crosby (EPISD) 5411 Wren Ave. 4
Douglass (EPISD) 101 S. Eucalyptus 8
Dowell (EPISD) 5249 Bastille Ave. 4
Logan (EPISD) 3200 Ellerthorpe St. 2
Mesita (ECDC / Elementary Childhood Development Center) (EPISD) 220 Lawton St. 8  
Paul Moreno (EPISD) 2300 San Diego Ave. 2
Roberts (EPISD) 341 Thorn Ave. 1
Rusk (EPISD) 3601 N. Copia St. 2
Stanton (EPISD) 5414 Hondo Pass Dr. 2
Travis (EPISD) 5000 N. Stevens St. 2
Ascarate (YISD) 7090 Alameda Ave. 3
Del Norte Heights (YISD) 1800 Winslow Dr. 3
Del Valle Elementary (YISD) 9251 Escobar Dr. 6
Ramona Elementary (YISD) 351 Nichols Rd. 3
Thomas Manor (YISD) 7900 Jersey Dr. 7
Ysleta Elementary (YISD) 8624 Dorbandt Circle 6