Hawkins Aquatic Center Reopening Postponed

The El Paso Parks and Recreation Department would like to announce that the Hawkins Aquatic Center which had previous maintenance on the pool, deck and locker rooms will have the opening of the pool pushed back to Friday, December 15.

Information (915) 212-2142

Armijo Recreation Center

New and updated phone/fax list for Armijo Recreation Center and Administration

(Effective Monday, June 13, 2017) 

Armijo Recreation Center 915-212-0396
Aquatics Administration 915-212-0397
Recreation Centers Administration 915-212-0393
Senior Centers Administration 915-212-0399
Sports Administration 915-212-0398
Armijo Aquatic Center 915-212-0395
Senior/Sports/Recreation Centers/Aquatics Fax No. 915-212-0394