Energy Efficiency Retrofits

In a collaborative effort between the City of El Paso’s Department of Facilities andFleet, Department of Transportation, Office of Resilience and Sustainability and El Paso Electric we have started to retrofit older, inefficient High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Mercury Vapor (MV) streetlights to much more energy-efficient (and better lighting) LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights.

To help you find answers to questions or concerns you may have about the new changes, please refer to the FAQ below.

If you wish to report a streetlight that has burnt out or is on during the day, we have included instructions for reporting below.


Benefits of retrofitting to LEDs 

  • Durable - LED lights are made from solid materials which are safer because they don’t shatter if broken and are less likely to break, saving the city money in both purchasing new lamps and cleanup in the event of a broken lamp.
  • Energy Efficient- On average, the LED lights are ten times more energy efficient than the HPS or MV light bulbs.
  • Longevity- LED lights last much longer than HPS or MV and because of the significant reduction in energy consumption have a relatively short payback. This means fewer changes, lower maintenance costs and less time that lights are burnt out and waiting for repair.
  • Environmentally-friendly- Due to their increased energy efficiency, LED lights require less energy to produce light and reduce the amount of wasted energy. Also, incandescent bulbs produce significant heat in order to produce light, so there is considerable energy wasted that is not converted to usable light.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

LED streetlight conversion

  • Why is the city changing out the old light bulbs?
    The City of El Paso has begun to change to the High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapor lights with new energy-efficient LED lights. LED lights improve lighting of neighborhoods, reduce light pollution, are less expensive to maintain and because of the lower energy use will reduce the City of El Paso’s energy bills significantly.
  • How much is the city saving in these conversions?
    The City of El Paso plans to retrofit approx. 19,000 streetlights from conventional lighting to LED, reducing energy consumption by over 60% per light fixture.
    Over a ten year period, the City projects savings of up to $8,447,950 (just for Phase VII).

Street Light Repairs

  • How do I report a city street light that is not working?
    Request for repairs may be made online through the El Paso Department of Transportation’s website or by calling us at 3-1-1.
    Please note: Although most (approx. 23,000) of the approximately 30,000 streetlights in the city are owned by the City of El Paso, there are still 7,000 that are owned by El Paso Electric Company. Therefore, it is very important to call the 3-1-1 number or report the problem online to help avoid confusion between the street light ownership and shorten the time it takes for a street light to be repaired.
  • How do I request for a city street light to be installed in my neighborhood?
    Requests for a new city street light must be submitted with the El Paso Department of Transportation at 3-1-1 or online.
  • How long does it take for a new city street light to be installed in my neighborhood once a request is made?
    The time frame for each request is different because new street lights are installed based on available funding and support from residents who live near the proposed site for the street light.

Please note: If you would like to report a non-functioning streetlight, please call 3-1-1 and be prepared to answer the following questions to help the city identify which department or entity can help resolve the issue quicker.

  • What is the location of the light?
  • Can you give the name of the street it’s on and/or the closest address?
  • Could you name a cross street?
  • If you are able to find the pole number on the light pole it will greatly expedite the service request.
  • Is the light on during the day? Is the light on during the night?
  • If you can remember when the light was working, was it a whitish blue color or more of an orange color?
  • The more information you can provide about the specific location, the faster we can locate and repair the light

Contact Information

Street Light repairs or Streetlight installations reports can be made by calling 3-1-1